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Who here is not depressed/anxious or overly stressed?

I'm genuinely curious? I know I'm the later two right now but before my first child in my early twenties I was definitely depressed. I do wonder however how much of it is hidden now that I'm preoccupied by my kids(or deliberately make myself preoccupied) as I am quite uptight. I'm curious is anyone is none of the above? Or, if you are, what are you and how can we support eachother or ourselves? I'm sad to think that we are constantly trying to help our kids but neglect ourselves


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Lucky for some posters here.. well I’m full blown stressed anxious moody irritable sleep deprived and barely coping with life.... woo .. go me 😣

 Same 😒
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 Op here. I've been there and probably still there. It's absolute torture, and for me there are few I could really talk to it about, do you feel the same?
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 Hugs to you.. we can do this. One foot in front of the other! 💕
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I'm stressed about a lot of stuff, but I'm pretty sure that's normal and part of being an adult. It's not so bad today. Today it's kind of like yeah I should probably hop up and get some shit done. But, meh. The mess will still be there, the groceries will still be at the shops, time will march on while I chill out in bed for a while.

There are bad days though. Days when I get so stressed out I worry I'll hurt the baby (currently pregnant) or get stomach ulcers or I literally start pulling my hair out in frustration. But those days are not today. And today is all I can deal with right now.

 Op here. Thanks for youa honesty, I hope your stress lowers and goodluck with the pregnancy. I feel I can completely relate to the stomach ulcer paranoia hehe but that's where I feel like it shouldn't be normal 😔
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SBS had a program on the other night, which is well worth watching, in relation to OP's husbands views of many people being stressed. Its a Michael Moore amusing documentary called "Where to invade next".
He visits a whole range of countries that have sharing, mutually supportive societies, that seem to reduce stress, violence, anxiety and financial worries for its citizens.
He made the doco to try to demonstrate how far America had departed from the Founding Fathers constitutional commitment to the right of everyone to "life, health and the pursuit of happiness".
But it is quite illustrative to us, as we become more Americanised, about how the way society is organised, and what is funded / not funded has massive impacts on how comfortable it is to live and prosper in, and how some economic decisions a society makes have enormous impact on the level of stress of its citizens.

 Op here, thanks for that, I will look into it!
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I'm not medicated. But I've been thinking lately that I should be.
I feel like I don't feel excited/happy emotions like others do.
I see expressions on their faces and in their eyes
And I've learnt to fake it and copy those in expected situations.
But usually I just don't get it.
Although I can get quite emotional and cry at ads and shit. I'm good at the crying bit.

 Op here. In all honesty do you have friends to talk too? I know I don't here and it sucks, I feel like here if you complain it's a negative thing and you should vegetating on a better diet or being active instead of being listened to- being assured that it is actually ok to be not feeling "amazing" or unhappy about your crappy coffee you picked up at a cafe.. here i would be considered annoying if I tell someone their cafe food sucks.
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OP here. I posted this because my husband has an opinion that most people here in Aus are extremely anxious/ or atleast underlyingly depressed. I think he refers to the outward signs that people can be unable to truly listen without hijacking conversations, weight or shopping/food/tv/phone addicitons or house/image obsessions..etc. I wonder opinions now? Living overseas we found people closer and genuinely more warmer though obviously no utopia and it had it's faults too.. That's where I wonder if it is normal being so stressed or if it's manufactured here by the society/housing bubble and lack of culture etc..? I dunno i'm undecided

 PS I should clarify, I'm Australian
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 Not sure why he would assume a lot of those things are connected to stress. They can be but not always.
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 I think in our society we are encouraged to talk about it. And people are far more aware of it. I don’t know if other cultures are less effected. Some people do not show outward signs and if you come from a background that sees stress, anxiety and depression as mindsets, weakness, lifestyle choices (ie, stigma) then people are going to hide it.
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 Op here. He views them as stress connected as from his view they are forms of escapism or ways to distract from the pain we are in.. someone feels lonely- they might go on their phone, someone feels stressed, go eat a burger etc. brain able to sit with ones pain doesn't mean your not depressed but it does mean that you are calm enough and secure enough to not feel overwhelmed by the stress of that pain? I dunno!
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 Op here. Also in Europe I saw people much more honest with their unhappiness or sadness about things, they could sit with that and cry or talk on the bus rode on their phone about how they were cheated on! We are quite secretive here , that I feel is true despite the moment to say your depressed et
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 *movement- which I rather mean growing awareness movement not minimising it
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Everyone with chronic anxiety/irritability and/or bouts of depression should get themselves tested for pyroluria disorder (too many kryptopyrolles). Most doctors have no idea what thus is, but it can be treated with zinc, b6 & magnesium along with an individual approach to healthy diet and lifestyle. Seriously, if I feel super stressed/anxious/irritated, I take a bug dose if Ethical Nutrients 'Zinc Fix' or 'Mega Zinc' *** Instant relief ***

 This sounds like some kind of tin foil hat disease 😂 I'm sorry. I'm glad you've found a way to feel better, but it does sound a little conspiracy like
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 I’m not the original commentor but you (person above me) sound like a complete uneducated idiot 🤪 why does it sound tin foil hat when it’s a natural remedy?? Or would you rather be drugged up with useless synthetic pharmaceuticals? No offense but you sound like the nutty one 😂 you know if you have diarrhoea and go to the doctors they will prescribe you a pill that *may* work you know why? Because natural remedies isn’t profitable for them...,meanwhile what they do in remote African villages they give children half a glass of water mixed with 1/4 tsp salt and 1/4tspn sugar. It’s an inexpensive way to treat diarrhoea which is rampant in poorer countries where they need aide and it fixes them problem within 10 mins YES 10 mins - now something so inexpensive and simple isn’t common knowledge to doctors, you’ve got to open your brain a bit and force it to think! WHY? Why is that?
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 Did I say boo about natural remedies? No. I said it sounds like a tin foil hat DISEASE. The word "kryptopyrolles" is the tipping point. But yeah, me and the 3 people who found my comment helpful are the nutty ones 😂
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Nope. Have never been depressed or anxious. Its just how im wired. I dont really understand it, but i have loved ones who are, so i made sure to educate myself so i could at least show empathy or a little understanding about it.
I also don't get stressed. What will be, will be!

 Op here. Yes I have a friend like this- but she is a worrier. Do You have a balanced life?
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 Omg you’re so lucky. I like that you’re compassionate enough to educate yourself to show kindness to those around you that are less fortunate. Wish my hubby would do this..
lol I’m not saying this in a nasty way.. but when I read this comment my immediate reaction was;
Wow fml

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I’m not depressed or stressed I’m mostly happy but I have extreme social anxiety, if I knew something could help that I would do it but I’ve tried everything to no Avail

 See I would ask this in no mean way- but rationally, how can you be mostly happy if you suffer severe social anxiety? Genuine question, I just thought the two wouldn't be mutually exclusive...
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I can sometimes get a bit stressed but not often and it's usually my husband and two yeR old who've done it 😂 But it takes me a while to get worked up , but when I am in horrible. Only a few times a year though and only ever a day or so.

never have been, I think as you get older, and wiser, you don't stress the small stuff, I don't.
I work fulltime, have 2 teens, and sometimes you just got to let it go. Change what you can control, and don't worry about the rest. some people are important, some are not, make choices for yourself.

 I’m not sure about that. I’m in my 40s. I worry more now than I did in my 20s. Probably because I have way more responsibility now. And also, in the last 5 years 3 people I went to school with have died from suicide. I think it has more to do with the kind of person you are and the hand life has dealt you than your age.
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Me. I'm a very chilled out person and stuff never really 'gets' to me. Yes I have moments of stress (my hubby always makes us run late), but nothing that hangs around and causes me to feel stressed all day, or makes it hard to sleep at night (I've got a newborn and toddler for that haha). Have never had issues with depression or anxiety thankfully.

I have suffered depression in the past, but that was long ago. I have been well for many years. I also have a level of stress like most people do, but I wouldn’t say I’m overly stressed. Of course there are times I’m a bit down, unhappy with aspects of my life etc but that is very different to being depressed. So yes, I can I’m not depressed, anxious or overly stressed.