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My sister in law is upset cause no childless person wants their life revolve around my SIL’s busy life

Answered 2 years ago

Why should other people be punished ?

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2 years ago
What happened to the good old days where everyone helped everyone out?
I'm busy, my family is busy, but everyone makes time to help each other out, and offer each other support.


2 years ago
Don’t think your life is busier cause you have kids and don’t punish childless people

2 years ago
My life is busy because I work full time and have to look after my grandmother and have children who have varying levels of extra needs and have appointments after school and I have a medical condition that I need to travel to my state capital city for specialist appointments each month, and nope I prefer to go to my childless family members houses so I don't have to clean mine before hand.
I'm busy, and I love my life and I'm not wallowing in self pity.
Why are you feeling sorry for yourself because you *have* to go to someone's house?