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I won some money recently. How do I hide it?

I don't want old friends and family coming out of the woodwork asking us for money. We want to buy a house and new cars each. What should we say when people asks us about our sudden life upgrade?


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Throw them off track. Ask them if you can borrow $50

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There's this awesome word you can use. Its called "no". I use it all the time. I don't care what the sob story is. My ex SIL is the worst for it. Will constantly be asking people for $20 because she can't afford baby formula and only has enough for 2 bottles, but somehow managed to scrap together $40 earlier that day for smokes. I have cut out and blocked my ex's whole family, but she will legit drive to my house to ask for money. The answer is no. Hell even my sister rings me complaining she can't afford rent. Sucks to be you. I have my own kids I need to prioritise and I'm not here to bail anyone else out. Get your lazy boyfriend to stop smoking pot for 30 seconds and get a job. Right down to I recently pissed off my MIL because my husband asked her for money to register his car and she tried to have a go at me for not having savings. Honey I have over $5000 in the bank, but he isn't getting it because he is the one who wants to go waste his money every week on tools and half started projects that cost him hundreds to finish then sells them for less than 1/2 of what it's cost him all up because he is an idiot. I have been telling him for 6 months to put money aside for the car but no, he keeps giving the "it will be right" attitude and now he's got no car. Again, not my problem, hope you like walking babe 😂. I'm terrible for it and everyone knows not to ask me for money because I will laugh at them 😂. And I know that $5000 is nothing savings wise, but its better than his account. He had $1500 go in to it on Thursday and its current balance is $4. But, you know, at least he has that new grinder, because the other 3 apparently weren't good enough, and the new LED head lights in his now unregistered car look pretty 😂. If he's nice and I don't need it I might let him borrow my car 🤷‍♀️

 Geez you sound like a fun person to be related to and you’ve actually got a husband too 😂
Don’t get me wrong you’re entitled to say NO but looks like you’ve got your bitch switch on 24/7.

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 I'm a fantastic person and most people love me, just don't ask me for money 😂🤷‍♀️
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 This is how you have to be, otherwise, leeches are gonna keep leeching. Too many times I've loaned money to family and friends, only to never see it, or sometimes friends, again. No more.
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 Good on you. Why should you have to bail people out. I don’t think youve got your bitch switch on at all ( tho I do love that saying and I’m going to start using it)
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 I agree I have less than you put away after years and years of scrimping and saving and noone knows. Or will unless I die. Gotta protect ourselves!.
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 I feel sorry for your husband... and anyone who knows you.
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 Why? It's not my job to bail people out. Especially when these people are more than capable of working, saving and getting their shit together. I have to worry about setting myself up for me and my kids while he gets away with his mum and ex paying for his kid while he just gets to spend his $1500 pay check a week on literally rent, gas and electricity (which is a grand total of $300 a week) and the rest on what ever he wants because I pay for everything else. He is the one who can't plan ahead, why should I have to foot the bill for it? If he needed life saving surgery, yeah maybe I might fork over a few dollars, but it's not gonna kill him to walk. Might even give him time to re-evaluate his priorities 😂
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 I tell my husband i have no money anymore, because otherwise he'd spend my money and his money on things he wants, at least my money is spent on house/bills /kids/family things.
It built up a lot of resentment that i would work hard and he would work minimal hours and then blow all of it and alcohol, cigarettes, and things he really couldn't afford and then tell me his rego was due.
So i totally agree with you here. Sometimes people just want a free ride if they know you can provide it

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 You're not the only one don't worry. I spent years just making ends meet with the bills while my husband just spent money on crap. He just kept getting loans and us into more debt. Eventually I threw him out, it was the only way to survive. We divorced and split the debt. We got back together but I won't let him move back in. He is so bad with money he has to live with his parents.
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 You guys are not going to believe this. Not only is his mum paying for his rego now, she has also leant him her car so her precious baby doesn't have to walk while she is catching a taxi to and from work everyday and getting my FIL to run all the errands. Meanwhile her daughter, who lives with her, walks everywhere and gets told "harden up". Dating a mumma's boy is tough 😴. Shit he's lucky he's a good man and great in bed cause I wouldn't be able to put up with him otherwise 😂. He's in for a rough ride when his parents die, that's for sure
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 Like I have seen my SIL ask to borrow the car in the pouring rain to duck down and get something she needs for work, and be told "nope, go buy your own car." They bought my partner his car! I can't even. If I didn't laugh I would cry 😂
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House first. Then cars. Say you used mortage money or equity on house for loan for cars.

You actually don’t have to tell anyone anything. Tell them to mind their own business! Congrats on the win!

Hey OP! I’ll send you my bank details you can hide the money in there 😅 congratulations 🥳

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We won a lot of money 10 years ago. We bought property. We said we had a small win which was only a fraction of our actual win and people know that we're very careful with our money anyway so they didn't think too much of it. No one needs to know that my ring was $5000 and not $500

 How exciting. How much?
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They don't need to know that you own it. Hubby and I own our cars and our home at 31 due to a very large payout. People have no idea. They think we pay a mortgage and financed our cars. They don't need to know. My family would definitely be asking for cash so no one knows (except for our parents) about our money. No one's business. Good luck and congrats on the win. Xx

Firstly it's no ones business how you purchase things, I'd never ask a friend how they afforded something. But since you are asking, I'd just let it slip now that you've finally saved up enough for a house deposit, so you've planted the seed in peoples minds that you have a mortgage.

If someone asks just say you can barely afford the loan payments let alone lend money.

Makes me laugh when people win money and buy cars with it. Depreciating asset. Buying a property I get but id wait 6 to 12 months and you'll get a house a lot cheaper.

Surely the smart thing to do would be sit on the money for a year. live life as normal so you can make decisions without the emotion involved.

Earn a small punt of I treat and make really smart decisions.

Congrats and good luck OP.

 Makes me laugh when people do a lot of things, but if someone has money and they've never had a brand new car, that night be important to them, and good for them if that's what they want
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Lol be like OMG so much debt... And let them make up the rest

Be smart. If you suddwnly buy a new house or buy a new house cars and have a complete overhaul new everything it will raise suspicion. You need to sit and take your time. If you want a car more than lets say buying a house then buy the car. Althiugh it will depreciate the moment you drive out of the dealers its your money. But the moment you look or hint you have $ well then you have problems. I would buy a house and say you took out a loan as houses and sales show online with a quick google. Including if its rented or not. Unless its changed recently. But be smart.

Say you won set for life. That way you don’t have a sudden huge amount of cash, it’s just enough each month for you to pay your mortgage.

Say you sold your house, used the profit to buy the cars and that the house is a rental.

 Not possible if building but rental can work well, those bloody house inspections lol
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If you say you won a smaller amount match it up with an anonymous winner of a smaller amount of lotto winnings or say it was online looking into smaller amounts. Newsagents advertise that shit.

If you are going to reduce your work hours I would say inheritance if possible, Family may be trying to work out how they didn’t get any. although reducing work is not always a good idea, get saving with what you would have spent on mortgage and car loans for retirement and maybe travel.

If you are planning holidays bang on about saving for it or tell family you are lay buying holidays.

I have 3 siblings, one would expect $ not the other two. Extended family I have 12 aunts and uncles that would expect $, 18 cousins that would.
I have friends that I would help before them.