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What size were you before and after having kids?

I used to be a 6-8 but after 3 kids I'm now a 10-12.


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14 to a 22 but I'm working on it 👍

 Go you! ❤️
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26 and now 12

 Awesome :)
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 wow that's a 24-26 now...would love LOVE some tips on how you did it.. xo
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 Hard bloody work
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8-10 before. Now I'm down to a 14-16 from an 18. I'm a little bit proud of myself for that :-)

 Good on you!!
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12 before after and during both pregnancies but I find my body shape is completely different after babies

6 and now an 8....look better now, was to skinny before

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I'm exactly same after having 3 kids in 4 years . I don't think having kids is really an excuse to be fat and lazy and eat crap.

 Lol yes its that simple for us all. Bet you dont work?
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 Are you saying that work is an excuse be fat? Or are you saying that all people that work are fat?
Working or not, you can still have some self respect, eat healthy and exercise here and there.

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 Thats rather nasty...were you never taught, if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all? Honestly!! women we should be building each other up and supporting each other NOT tearing each other down..
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 Well heres your trophy. I had 3 kids in 4 years, and lots of subsequent health problems. I had to go on medication that makes you put on weight and I cant exercise much (yes, I work nearly full time too and it makes it 1000x harder to find the time to exercise). I am not lazy, nor do I eat crap. I dont exercise much but thats certainly not by choice. I will when I get over my health issues. OP of this comment you are a very nasty, judgemental person.
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 ^note the first commenter hasn't answered the question whether she works. Of course you have more time to exercise if you don't work. Not rocket science and nothing to do with being lazy. Working mums couldn't be lazy if we tried, too much to do!
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 Being lazy and eating aren’t the only reasons what an ignorant comment. There are many uncontrollable medical issues that can cause weight gain
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8-10 before 16 after. I had all 3 very close together.

 I've read that it's extra difficult to lose the baby weight if your children are born quite close together.
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 Its true because the hormones haven't left your body, esp. If breastfeeding
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 YES! very true. I get so annoyed when people (men) compare you to such n such who has had one kid and bounced back quickly. Well yes, I bounced back after my first, it was my 2nd and 3rd that did me in!
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6 and 6 .. Hated body before and even more after my 3 boys

10 now a 14....I ❤️❤️❤️My body !

Size 8 and now I'm a 10. I don't like tight clothes though and I think it's more to do with age than having given birth.

12 to 14 now 22 to 26 :( it's been super hard to lose the baby weight

Size 6/8, after two children (almost 4 yo and a 1 yo) i am back to being a 6-8 :)

Sz 8 before size 16 after 3 kids but now down to a size 10 again yay 😅