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Did you pay for your own wedding or did someone else?


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My parents paid for the bulk of it - basically the reception. In-laws paid for the open bar and we paid for dress, rings, accommodation, celebrant etc

Hubby and I paid for most of it. I had my dress made and the dress maker was a family friend and gifted me her time to make the dress, I paid for fabric and she quoted $400 to make the dress but then wouldn’t let me pay her. My parents paid for the cars as I wasn’t going to to bother hiring cars to transport the bridal party between ceremony and reception. But my mum insisted and offered to pay so I let her.

We paid for most of it but my parents paid for the grog.

My parents paid for my dress. Our parents went halves in the bar tab. I'm pretty sure it was just the tab, not the reception, but I can't really remember. We were happy to pay for all of it.

We paid for all except the catering my parents insisted on that - it was still a budget wedding though