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Grocery bill... I'm spending roughly $150-170ish per week inclusive of all needs. How much do you spend? 2 adults and 2 school aged kids (no aldi here).


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Probably $200-$220. I could go cheaper but I have a big focus on health and cooking from scratch (my hobby) so I tend to buy good quality ingredients, fresh fruit & veg etc. And sometimes things like cereal with less sugar cost more than the home brand with more sugar, although often they are much the same. You have to check the label and if they are the same I would buy the homebrand.
My big tip is to get a freezer if you dont have one, its an upfront cost of about $500 but we have saved so much money by buying up when things are on special, or buying in bulk and breaking up into portions to freeze.

 ETA I have 2 kids upper primary
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One adult and one child aged 3 and I spend $80 a week

I used to focus on budget and had the groceries at $120-$150 one week, and $100 the following week.
We're now more concerned about healthy eating and have come to realise we have to let the budget go a bit for this and it's now up to $250 a week. Although that's tight. It really needs to be around $300.
2 adults, kids - 6, 3 & 10 months.

 I am curious what those that are spending such small amounts are eating. We eat heaps of fresh produce and the most that I can get out bill down to is $250 a week but it is usually around $300.
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 We were buying the cheapest yoghurt instead of the healthiest, Cheapest bread ect.
Our dinners for the week would include along the lines of bolognese, sausages and veg, steak and veg, chicken tonight, chicken Schnitz and veg, tuna pasta bake, ravioli, chicken tonight & rice...
Lunches for kids were typically a sandwich, fruit and veg, and egg and yoghurt. For me I just had a sandwich.
Breakfast was just toast or weetbix.

We were reasonably healthy. Still had a FAIRLY balanced diet. We just knew we could be healthier. Now choosing the healthiEST options we're the same as you, it's pretty impossible to keep it under $250.

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Between $300-$350 a week, depending on what we’ve run out of. I cook nearly every meal and I fix a lot of different recipes. My kids eat quite a bit of fruit. My youngest has some dietary needs that adds to the cost as well. We have Aldi here but I truly not fond of it.

 We spend about 350 a week in food too. I can't believe how little some families spend. I need to get my kids to stop eating so much....or become better at budgeting!
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Between $200 and $300 for two adults, two teens, two large dogs, two cats and two guinea pigs. Husband takes an esky of sandwiches and snacks every day, kids are always eating and pets are partly raw fed. I cook 7 nights a week and we eat a lot of meat which adds up.

We spend $80 a week on groceries, including meat, veg, fruit etc. 2 adults 2 kids (no nappies or formula) we eat well, roasts, shanks etc. I'm just a major tight a*s haha

$300+ each week 2 adults and 2 kids (1 childcare with food supplied, 1 prep). It's something I want to get better control over.

 Wowsers. 2 adults and 2 kids here, one at school, one in nappies. The max we spend is $350 a fortnight
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 What's your secret because this easter weekend shop has cost me 380. I am trying to do cook ups to make it more valuable.
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2 adults + 3 kids - 2 school aged and one daycare and in nappies... $250 / fortnight plus up to $50 for top ups (bread, milk, more fresh fruit/veges).

2 adults and 5 kids aged ( 3,4,6,7,10,11) we spend $400 a week

 why have you written 6 ages if you only have 5 kids?
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 After 4 you just lose count.
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 I have 3 and agree with this. It's like "that one, and that one, and there's another around here somewhere", plus there always seems to be a couple of extra kids around visiting. So really, it's easy to lose track lol.
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 Meant 6 kids
Baby brain cause I am pregant with twins and due in 12 weeks

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$200-$300 a week for 2 adults 1teenager and a 5 year old

2 adults, 3 kids and a big dog, we spend about $200 on our weekly grocery shop, then another $50 or so on top ups of bread/ milk/ things we run out of throughout the week

Ours is around $160 a week for 2 adults, a 3 year old and a 6 month old. That covers everything including nappies/wipes and household things. We don't have an Aldi either, only Woolworths, Coles or IGA.

2 adults and 6 kids under 6 and we spend $150 a week on food only

I spend around the same for 2 adults a 5yo and 3yo. We have an aldi in town so go once a fortnight for the staple items