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Somedays I hate my husband

He gets angry over the smallest things and makes our lives miserable. He's so negative, he could have a better outlook on life and our lives would instantly improve. The thing that pissed me off today is that he just called out from across the other end of the house, I was thinking in bed last night when I couldn't sleep, we should give the dog away?! what the f*ck? why would you suddenly decide that? 18months old, we've had him from a pup and he's family! let alone yell it out so casually across the house for all the kids to hear? He's so rude and selfish I'm angry. It took all my strength not to yell back so the kids can hear - I thought you couldn't sleep cos you were too busy wanking yourself off in bed! Honestly, it's the 2nd time this week the rocking of the bed has woken me up and then I can't get back to sleep, I just lay there till he finishes. Gross. I guess theres 3 issues! Husband rude and selfish angry man. Wants to give dog away. Wanks himself off in bed next to me. lol


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Give him away and keep the dog.
It does sound like he is being a tosser, maybe when he’s feeling like that you should suggest he get out and go for a walk

That’s sucks, I feel I could have written this. Life is so stressful and people just don’t have friends, or unwind like they used to.

OP hugs x

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Err sometimes I wank myself off when I can't sleep and my husband is asleep next to me!
But I'd say everything about your husband annoys you right now, maybe you need some time apart, do you have family to visit that's not close by that you could stay with for a few days? Just give yourself some space? Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder too

I’d encourage him to seek some sort of counselling. Sounds like he might have a few issues of his own to sort through as well as the 2 of you having counselling together. Especially if these behaviours are new. If he’s always been like this and it’s only just starting to bother you then that’s a different issue.

He might have depression

OP yes maybe we have a LOT of stresses in our life
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 Depression is not a reason to be a dick!
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 .... or it could be that he's a narcissist
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 Yeah that's more permanent
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Give him sex and he might not be angry with you

OP we had sex 3 nights ago and I asked him for sex 2 nights ago and he said no. The time before that was a week. that's not so bad is it? i've told him when you're nice to me that's when I feel close to you and want to make love but when you're yelling and mean, and then say 'i have a big load of cum i need to pump into you later' its not sexy, its not romantic or loving and makes me feel more abused not suddenly want to turn it on and have sex. but you're onto something cos I do find that when he gets lots of sex he is a bit nicer but am I wrong in saying the niceness should come first?
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 He sounds like a pig
I would leave him or seek counselling

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 Maybe try say similar female version comments back to him and see if he finds it appealing, that might snap him out of it.
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 ^^I might just try that!
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