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Anyone noticing post off here (and other blogs/etc) going viral as 'news'?

Online are just re-quoting and doing an article from post from here. What do you think?


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Yeah, they're lecherous, bottom-feeding parasites (talking you you, NineMSN), who are in desperate need of an editor. They scabbed a post a couple of weeks back about a mum discussing her child's illness. When reiterating the post in their article (largely verbatim), they didn't even get the illness correct!

Yep, been a few lately. The 'regret having kids' one and the 'dad toilet-ing daughter' one

 That was mine lol. Im actually a woman
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The '12 unhappy wedding guests' just went on Honey today

 Apparently the MIL saw it, and the wedding has been called off.
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 Sounds like fate lol
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Can't say I have.

Have to say though, I don't read trash.

Apart from SAHM of course.

 Apparently the MIL saw it, and the wedding has been called off.
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 Sorry won't post
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Yes my one about dads taking daughters to womens loo was on the nine honey page and another page. I thought it was funny they thought ibwas a dude

 They seriously are scrounging for content on thier pages
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