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Would you feel comfortable having a male daycare worker look after your children?

My daughter’s preschool has recently hired a male carer and I am not sure how I feel about it. She is a young toddler still at an age where she needs help toileting etc.
Please do not tear me to shreds here, I am not meaning to sounds discriminatory, I am just feeling somewhat unsure about it all. I have no issue with male kindergarten teachers or teachers but haven’t come across a male daycare worker before.


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My 4yo has a male carer at his daycare. He's the room leader and is great with the kids. Very patient and caring as all of the carers at his centre are. I wasn't at all bothered by him having a male carer

People who write crap like don't tear me down only do so because they know they are judgemental bi****s who know that if they asked the same question in real life they would be slapped.

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I have found that kids love having a male around! Especially children who don't get as much male attention if their Dad's work and/or don't have grandparents around. And some male carers really 'get' the male brain and provide a different perspective and interaction.

You won't be the first to feel that way, unfortunately the only thing you can do it move to another centre.

Maybe look around at other centres, unfortunately it's something you have to deal with.

My daughters centre has 2 male staff members. They are both fantastic at what they do.

You know woman also sexually abuse children right? But yet you never question a female carer

Don’t tear me down 😅😅

 Why is that an unreasonable thing to say? For a supposedly supportive forum there seems to be a lot of bullies on here.
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We had one in our town who went on to molester a young girl so yes I can see exactly why you would be so apprhensive. So it sucks but for my own sanity I'd love my child.

 Women educators can and have molested children in their care also.
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 I know they can, but this lady was specifically asking about a male and how she was uncomfortable with him
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 Yeah, she was asking for opinions. I gave her mine.
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No I wouldn't be comfortable with that

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Is there another staff member you can talk to. It's really important that you are comfortable with all the people looking after your child x

We have a mate who works in childcare. He is amazing at his job and all the kids love him.

Are you worried he will finger your daughter while she’s on the loo