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My husband wants it all the time. It’s the last thing on my mind. Worried it’s going to ruin our marriage. Advice???


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Talk to him about why you aren't up for it 24/7 and come to a compromise. Physical intimacy is important for your relationship so it's important to acknowledge his need but also yours as well.

Definately talk. My marriage nearly ended after 20 years because some bitch at my husbands work made fun of the fact he wasn’t getting sex every night and blow jobs every night. Coz apparently she would give it to him if I didn’t. She made him believe it’s because I didn’t love him and he repulsed me. We ended up in a long talk about how tired I am all the time and that I can’t stay up til midnight which was when he’d come to bed and expect it. I was tired from early starts with kids, work, and then coming home to more housework right up til bed time. I also told him that him expecting sex and getting sooky if he didn’t get it was a real turn off. So now he helps a lot more and we go to bed earlier and he’s not expecting anything. But he gets it more often because I feel loved and not taken for granted and it’s actually me initiating it. So really, that dumb hoe kinda saved my marriage.

 Totally inappropriate discussion for him to be having with a female colleague anyway.
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 Absolutely I agree
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Tell him watching him do chores gets you in the mood?!?

I know I’m going to get attacked for saying this but sometimes I’ll just do it even though I’m not into it. Sometimes after we begin I get into it. I have found over the years, this has helped keep us together and also helped with my mood and wellbeing.

 I’m the same.
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 Me too
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 Yep, same here
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I told my DH that I needed to feel loved, not just for sex, and before he tries to jump on me he should have done something else physical during the day - like hold my hand, give me a hug, rub my back etc. If he has made the effort in this way, then there is no putting him off. Even if it is annoying, inconvenient, and more than once a day. He’s pretty well trained now and I am getting super experienced at the clean quickie 😂

 Clean quickie?
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