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What do you have for lunch each day?


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Changes. Toasted sandwich, leftovers, 2 minute noodles, pie, buy something (sushi, wrap, burger).

Mickey D’s

 Can't believe you trust dirty Indian and Chinese take away.
You seen their kitchens?
You must have iron guts.

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Black coffee and cigarettes.

 I bet you have a very pretty mouth 😆
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Tuna, onion, baby spinach, picklenaise toast sandwich. Not toasted i don't want hot tuna that's nasty.

 I love picklenaise.
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2 crumbed chicken tenders diced up with loads of tomato, lettuce, and avocado and a sweet chilli dressing. Or I’ll have roast pumpkin ( enough to feed 5 people) with spinach and toasted pine nuts.

Protein and some vegies, usually eggs in an omelette with tomato, mushrroms, capsicum and onion or avacado on toast with an egg and tomato. Sometimes soup or a salad.

Avocado mashed on seed and grain toast, & toasted sesame seeds sprinkled on top. Sometimes mashed sardines, mixed with tomato ketchup, on wholemeal toast. Leftovers. 2 minute noodles or suimin noodles. Always buy something when I am out, usually either Thai, Yum Cha Chinese, or a Kebab.