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Capital punishment. Yes or no?


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People that rape or murder children should 100% be executed, we spend our whole lives protecting our babies, it's one of our most core purposes of life itself. They simply do not belong in our communities.

 100% agree
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Yep, so long as it’s proven without a doubt that person has committed the crime

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Harder punishment especially on under 18’s that are repeat offenders. A rapist gets less time than a drug dealer . People ask for drugs no one asks for rape

My father is a peadophile (walking free never got convinced) and 100% he should be put to death and his cousin and his brother. We do have the right and responsibility to take these people out of our environments for good.

No, but perhaps they can have a harder time in prison. Like no medical for a start. A more literal “let them rot”. And supply rope and a strong overhead bar.

No. There are so many reasons against it, and it doesn't stop crime despite many people thinking it would. Most crimes for which there is the death penalty people either commit on the spur of the moment or plan it and don't think they will get caught. You only need to look at the US to see that killing offenders (and sometimes the innocent) doesn't work. The justice system should be about punishment, not the sick vengeance that is the death penalty.

 Many people instantly forgive crimes like this, even when their children are the victims.
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 Name two.
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 Most crimes are committed on the spur of the moment??? Ever heard of serial killers. Do you really think a person proven to have raped and murdered children deserves anything less than death?
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 So because it was spur of the moment and they didn’t think they’d get caught, you think they deserve to live. And crimes will still happen, you’re right there, but there would be no more crimes from the dead perp. They don’t deserve to live, they deserve to rot in hell.
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 ^^ Yep. Take em out, 1 by 1
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No I disagree. I believe however you can put these people to work as in America manufacturing and working inside prison factories to assist in economic boosting and bettering their country

 And contributing to the cost of their upkeep like growing vegetables for the jail and doing laundry etc.
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 You naughty person, you killed an innocent child. Now go grow some vegetables and wash those bedsheets. That will make it all better. 🙄🙄
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 ^^ I shouldn't laugh but Lol
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No. What gives someone the right to decide if someone lives or dies. Regardless of what crime a person has committed. It’s a fine line.,

 I think if you’re the parent of a child that’s been murdered, you have the right to decide how the person who ended your child’s life should be treated. Death penalty would be my choice. No fine line.
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Nope don’t trust the justice system to get it right 100% of the time.
I also think it gives more incentive to kill victims to stop them testifying.