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Women should be in charge

Have been thinking this for some time now. But I truly believe if we want to survive as a species into the future we need women to be in charge of everything. If women handled the global affairs war would be almost non-existent.
The only thing men are good for is killing spiders, moving furniture around and donating sperm. I know this sounds sexist or man haterish but I'm really not.
I just think men's egos get far too involved when making political decisions. Anyway I won't go on, but there's tonnes of other reasons.


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Go sit in on an all women’s meeting, the snarkiness and cat fights, the back stabbing. In order to move forward there needs to be balance. Both men and women have different qualities but the balance needs to be a more so on class, education level and career. Put a few unemployed high school drop out bogans in parliament and it will really change the way things are done. Less greed and corruption would happen.

 Women are the worst! I agree with the mux
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 Oops -i agree with the mix of different class/socio-economic groups. That would result in some more realistic decisions being made for the majority
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I think men generally are far more rational than women. Imagine if all the world leaders had their periods sync.
We'd be fu***d.
Could we get some of those non binary or intersex people in?

Do you actually think war would be non existent with females? You do realise there are women very high up in military positions, women in the army , government etc. While this doesn't mean they are gung-ho on war or ball breakers - if the need for it was there - these women would not hesitate. I personally think women are a nightmare, I hang by myself at work because they many feel so fake. They all gossip about each other, even if it's just minor stuff, or talk about how someone annoyed them etc. and to their face they are SOO over the top nice. If you earn my trust /I earn yours, and I like you/mutual etc. then you will get the 'WOW' 'ALL' 'REAL' of my personality. There is no way I can act that way to people who I genuinely don't click with. I can be polite and professional etc etc. but I'm not all in their grill doing the baby talk / mummy talk / kid / hubby / house car / gossip talk. I genuinley thought I'd found a great work mate, but as soon as we go to different departments, she can't even make the effort to have lunch / send a message etc. But she has plenty of time for the people she used to whinge to me about LOL I really have no friends but that's because I genuinely don't feel there are many women that I can trust. I find the 'build women up, don't bring each other down' ones the worst as they are the ones that 'unleash' as soon as you have an opinion / disagreeance. Build women up - but we will tear you down if you think differently / don't like the same people / approach things different etc.

Yes I do agree that if women world leaders all synced in their period there could be hell. But majority of women aren't going to send their kids off to war. Women are more emotional but are capable of thinking rationally. I just believe we should be the leading species.

A balance of sexes is best, both in governments and workplaces.

 Well yes, cconsidering the population they represent is made up of a balance of the sexes!
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I've been dreaming of a young scientists party with a balance of genders. Politicians who actually make their decisions based on science. And we also have to psych test them to weed out the narcissists (as much as possible).