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At what age do you expect children to make their own breakfast, as in, toast!

My partner's kids are 10. She nearly fell off the couch when I suggested she was capable of making it her self this morning. I'm dying with a cold, and she thinks I'm going to make her honey on toast so she can ipad a bit longer? There was no "sorry you're not feeling well", there was complaining that she had to get up and take a bit of responsibility.


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She is more than capable of doing it herself! I nearly fell over staying at my in laws and my MIL was making her 16 year old daughter breakfast. Nooo way. I have 4 kids they have all been responsible for getting their own food from about 5 years old, toast included. The only meal I make them is dinner and the occasional lunch. They really are capable they are not the delicate little snowflakes we assume them to be!

I wouldn’t really expect my own kids to at that age or to show sympathy.. I think kids are wired to be selfish and I don’t think that changes till they are much older..
and making toast they can burn themselves.. pouring a bowl of cereal with milk on top though is a diff story.. maybe start at that first

 Fair call about the lack you of sympathy bit they are capable of toast
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 Really, the kid is 10 she can make toast!
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 I could cook fried eggs on toast at 10 plus a range of other things. Definitely say plenty old enough to make toast.
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 Op of this comment.. I might be diff to others but that’s fine, everyone is different and some people far more independent than others. So I’m letting my kids be kids.. they’re 3 and under now so I don’t expect them or teach them to do their own brekky etc. the older one is helping set the table. I’ll teach them life skills as we go, but to me if I teach them at 10 or 14 to cook etc they’ll still know and be well practiced by the time they move out.
I was made to help young, and I can’t stand cooking so don’t want to tar my kids, also when they show an interest I def won’t say no and will be encouraging them if not.

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 My daughter's 5 she makes her own toast with my supervision
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 I don’t think the toaster is ok for a 5 year old to use unless really competent. My 5 year old is clumsy and no way I’d leave them to make toast they’d end up burning themselves 😝
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 I don't even know if I trust my 13 year old to make toast after I walked in on them nearly sticking a damn knife in the toaster 😱 😱
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Have you or anyone else made breakfast with her before? Most kids help in the kitchen and start out with adult supervision before just being thrown into. Maybe use this opportunity to start doing some cooking with your step daughter, so she feels more comfortable and confident in the future.

My 11 year old makes himself baked beans on toast or 2 minute noodles for lunch sometimes. He also made spaghetti bolognese for the family dinner last week (with a bit of instruction from me) My 8 year could do the same but she isn't tall enough to reach the microwave. By the time they are 13 I want them to be able to make at least 5 dishes start to finish (things like a pasta carbonara, spag bol, potato bake etc)

My 4yo makes her own cereal. She won't let me haha. My 7yo makes her own toast aswell. At 10 she is just going lazy! Take the iPad off her. Hope you're feeling a bit better xx

Mine could get cereal and milk, or toast with supervision, at 5. I would definately not let them do it without me in the room though as there is a risk they could stick a knife in the toaster.

My 6 year old loves making her own toast and sangas. Miss independent she will even volunteer to make me and her brother some

I would just say sorry I'm not feeling well this morning. If you want toast you are going to have to get it yourself. Then just wait and see what happens. If she doesn't get her own then she goes hungry.

 Yes. I tend to ge riled up too quickly. However, I’m not inclined to make them breakfast even when I am feeling well. On those days I just announce please come and make your breakfast.
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I have 2 boys and I still make breakfast for both (the older one is 16) it’s the duty of the mother to cook meals and care for the family home and that will never change as long as I’m alive.

 No. The duty of the mother is to prepare their sons to be good husbands. And not to have an expectation their future wife will also be their mummy.
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 Good husbands?!...good golly, I'm raising my son's to be independent adults, respectful housemates, good house guests!
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Shit, my 8 year old twins make me toast with peanut butter & coffee (Nespresso machine so no kettle involved) and bring it into me in bed most mornings.
They have done this since about 6.
They love it & sometimes have fun adding raspberry jam to the toast , under the peanut butter cause they know I don’t like it.
I always take a bite & pretend to puke and they sit in bed With me and eat it.
Lucky I change my sheets most days!

I taught them by letting them make it for afternoon tea for a while. They get up with the birds so it suits us all.

I was cooking family dinners for a family of 6 by 10 years old. This kids mum probably waits on her day & night. A ten year old should be able to prepare basic meals.

are you kidding??? your responsibility is to make children breakfast! powerr though it. jeez

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 We live in Australia. Not some country where women are born to be slaves to their husbands or children. Yeesh
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Yeah my 3 yr old pours her own cereal in the mornings. She even cleans up if she spills and comes and wakes me up after she's had breakfast. She has also been known to make herself a sandwich and even occasionally wakes me up saying "mummy, I made you breaky too." She doesn't like toast so I don't have to worry about that.

 That’s the best!!!! How freaken cute 😍
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I let my 7 year old butter/spread her own toast sometimes. But for me, I want to do it for her. She's still my little girl and I like to do things for her. If I was feeling sick and needed to rest though, no way. My kids (7,5, and 3) can eat dry cereal. Or Miss 7 can pour their milk. Anything. They can eat the entire fruit bowl empty and then all the yoghurt I don't care.

My 9 year old makes his own toast and can cook 2 minute noodles

 My 9 year old can cook chicken snit from scratch and bake a wedding cake
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