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Going back to study

I'm going back to study and hopefully later on if I get that far to Uni. It's something I really want to do for myself but also it will benefit the family to get a good job. I'm just bit nervous because its been so long since I studied I only finished year 10 and went off to work in aged care then hospitality. I guess I'm just asking for any tips advice or mums who have been in a similar situation that only completed Year 10 then going on to study or any positive vibes :)


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Have you looked at OUA? I study with them, wholly online, with exception of exams. It might be a better option with regard to family life balance. They also run units four you to try out to see if study is for you and to give you an idea as to what you're in for and what's expected of you

First up, think about what you actually want to study. Going to uni for the sake of it is a very expensive and time consuming exercise. And not everyone is actually cut out for it. I dont mean to discourage you as education is always a good idea, but I think you need to think about a long term path to take rather than just 'uni'

 ^me again. Also think about what you like and dislike in your current role, what are you good at, what interests you, what skills can you use? Try to find something that fits in with all of that.
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My only advice would be in the first few weeks to pay attention to how you study most effectively. I found that long stretches of complete silence were most effective, so once the kids had left for school I studied till I went to work at 2pm. I also need to be in a classroom, on campus environment because I retain the information better than if I listen to online lectures or online discussion boards. Good luck!

Good on you!

Going back to study can be tricky, but once you get back into the habit, you'll be fine!

Give yourself plenty of time to study out of class hours. A lot of the time the uni/tafe will give you a guide of how many hours you need (for example 8 hours class time, 14 hours out of class time). Take this seriously!!! You won't be able to cram that 14 hours into 3 hours at home.

If you have a partner, your partner needs to give you time out DURING THE DAY to study. I found I was so much more productive spending a few hours at the library on the weekend, then in the evenings after the kids were in bed.

Try and have a plan in place if your child/children gets sick (expecially over winter). It might make sense for you to miss out on a class to care for your child, instead of your partner missing work, but when it happens over and over it can really affect your study.

I hope that helps. These were the biggest barriers for me. I'm sure you will be great!

Block out time for homework. Whether it means having a sitter, using care once a week, whatever... have some distraction free time to work on things you're struggling with. Also utilize all the free tutoring, writing help, etc. It's there to help you succeed.

Don’t listen to the naysayers, you can do this. You are more mature now so will find it easier to study and will enjoy it more.