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Love of your life

Answered 7 months ago

Recently we were at a party when I overheard a conversation my wife was in with 2 or 3 other ladies. They were talking about partners etc when one said just look at her, she has really found the love of her life! They all agreed, then one lady said to my wife something like " you have the love of your life over there " my wife replied with " no I haven't found him yet!!! We have been married for over 20 years and this has hit me hard! What can I do or is there anything that I should or can do ? Im a bit lost here now??

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7 months ago
Ouch. Was it a bad joke?
Does she know you heard? I’d certainly want to talk about it.

7 months ago
I am going to play devils advocate for a second. Firstly, you overheard a conversation. Probably a snippet of it. When people say stuff like this to me, I become embarrassed and your wife’s response would be mine, even if I don’t mean it. The details of my marriage and how I feel about my husband are private and between us. I don’t discuss it with my friends.

Also, if this is bothering you , you need to talk to your wife. Seek clarification.

7 months ago
Wow harsh. Woman's heart are filled with secrets, sorry to say. When she was a teenage girl dreaming of the man she was going to marry & live happily ever after I doubt she had visions of picking up your undies off the floor for the 3rd time this week or having to pick you up drunk from the pub again. Maybe she's not sexually satisfied who knows. That's your job to think about why your wife is unhappy because she is. If she's saying you're not the love of her life after 20 years together then her needs aren't being met & she's given up hope that you will ever try to meet them. I could only suggest you talk to her, up your game & try and met them.