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Thrombosed hemmorhoids

Answered 12 months ago

So I am 29 weeks pregnant, been dealing with horrid constipation due to medication and I believe I have thrombosed hemmorhoids. Very very sore, trying sitz baths, been using witch hazel and creams (tried rectinol and proctosedyl) been 5 days now and it's not getting any better. I've booked a doctor's appointment which is unfortunately in 8 days. Due to covid I can't get in any sooner. Has anyone had these before? Treatment? What helped? Really desperate for some relief. Wiping after going to the bathroom almost has me in tears. Any help would be greatly appreciated xx

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12 months ago
Unfortunately i’ve had the same issue since giving birth the second time. I’ve learnt to live with it, i found dabbing instead of wiping greatly helped with soreness. Try to eat high fibre so you are not straining. Warm baths. They have improved but never go away. Good luck, our bodies take a beating carrying children xx

12 months ago
Sorry I have not had this however there is always the option of calling nurse on call in the mean time or asking a pharmacist for advice.