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Do you think this is weird?

For a Husband to sexually touch his wife in front of the children. I'm talking about touching her vagina while their daughter is seated literally right next to her (tween age)
Or to talk about sex in front if the kids, call his wife a prude in front of them, hops on top of her, says the kids don't know what is going on etc...


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Yep, gross... That's not weird. That's completely unacceptable behaviour

Yuck. He's sexualising his children by doing this, this is really gross.

extremely inappropriate. If he thinks they don't know he's fooling himself. And if they really don't they soon will and will be learning that unacceptable behaviours as modelled by this man (and their mother for allowing it to happen) is ok, when it is not.

My dad acted like this a lot. He was also a bad guy. He was a drug addict, alcoholic, paedophile, abuser, etc. He raped my mother thousands of times over their 22 years together. He molested and raped me. He beat all 4 of us bloody almost every day. I grew up woth no understanding of how to love and a lot of confusion about when I could say no to sex. Looking back, I allowed myself to be date raped/acquaintance raped several times because I felt obligated to provide sex. This man's children are at risk for long term effects.

 So sorry you had to go through this, I went through something similar it stays with you and affects every part of your life. I hope you and your family eventually got some support and that your abuser (sorry can't call him your dad) is suffering behind bars.
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 Big hugs to you both xx
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My ex could never understand why I use to go off at him for doing this sort of shit in front of our kids. It's disgusting and I have no doubt that he does it to all his girlfriends (he's had multiple since we split) in front of them as well. They are too young to understand it and communicate it yet unfortunately. It makes my blood boil just thinking about it.

 I agree because they are picking up the vibe even if they don't understand. Sons will grow up thinking they can dominates and control women and daughters will grow up thinking men can use them as they like.
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Op here
Thanks everyone, I thought it was strange behaviour, abnormal.
I remember my step dad doing these things, I'm sure he touched me, in fact I know he did but all I can remember is this sort of behavior, I can't seem to remember any abuse, yet I know it happened.
Memories like this have just started to resurface, I'm struggling to deal with it, to remember... Scared to remember.
I'm a bit of a mess. Really struggling

 Therapy!!! I've had repressed memories resurface.
A skilled therapist will guide and support you through this terrifying experience. Hugs x

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 Sorry to hear.
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 Can you go on a bit more about repressed memories please? Only if it's not a trigger x
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This is not normal respectful behavior, he sounds like a loser.

Yeah thats just wrong, a few fun flirty innuendos in front of your own kids is one thing but what you describe is very inappropriate

My dad never called mum a prude.

But everything else dad and mum did. They talk about sex freely too.

I don't think it sexualized me. If anything it made me not want to do sexual stuff til later than majority of my peers.

No. ask dept. child protection what they think. His daughter will grow up thinking men can touch her however they please.