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Increased workload covering co workers

Answered 5 days ago

Why the f$ck do employers short staff themselves and think it’s ok to lump one person with 4 peoples jobs?

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5 days ago
Because that one person is probably scared of losing their job or getting in to trouble with the boss so they work their arse off, pull some overtime, get the jobs done and don’t complain about it. So the boss thinks hey, they can manage it so they keep doing it. That person needs to work at their usual pace and get their own job done and go home on time so the boss can see that the extra load isn’t being done and will have to hire more staff to cover it. You shouldn’t let yourself be taken advantage of.

8 days ago
Because they're greedy cost cutting assholes


8 days ago
Lol. Tell us what you really think 😘

11 days ago
Because it's cost-effective for them, and they're massive assholes for it.

12 days ago
Its not. Go to your union.