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Cum after sex

Answered 6 months ago

Whenever I had sex with my ex partner, wen he came it always, every time, would dribble out of me. I’ve started seeing somebody else & we had sex for the first time today & he came inside of me but nothing came out of me at all.

Is that just because all people are different or there just wasn’t much....?

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6 months ago
Possible answers:
1. He didn't cum and faked it (that he said he did)
2. He knows how withhold ejaculation but still orgasm (its possible, tantra teaches men)
3. He has a health problem that blocks seminal fluid or he doesn't produce any.
4. He had cum recently and was "out of supply'
5. He has a low supply, some men makes loads, others buggar all, it's rare but some men don't make much.

I hope this helps

6 months ago
Thanks. Some starting coming out of me today, he was deep when he came so maybe that made a difference.

He didn’t take it, his afterglow was too telling.

6 months ago
Not one response??

6 months ago
It kind of takes people a little while to respond at 10pm at night haha