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I suffer from chronic insomnia and after seeing countless Dr's of different fields non have been able to help me, going on 3 years of this nightmare and im hurting really bad. I am constantly down and beyond fatigued. Its draining on my wife to the point she doesn't completely understand, we fight so much due to my irritability and mood when im running on no sleep for days. She tells me her period does the same to her so now every time she is on it she gets extra moody and irritable and feels entitled to it as i should understand her. She didn't use to be this way when we first got married. Unfortunately my condition has only gotten worse and i am doing the best i can to work full time, cook, clean help out as much as i can. She met me this way and i asked it was my biggest concern that this will get to her. I try my best i really do to not let her feel it but i am at the end of my rope and i feel i cant come home to relax or say i want to go to bed early, it has to be when the kids are not around. We fight for almost everything. She keeps tabs and scores on all i do or dont do and when we fight it all comes up so i feel like i am constantly walking on egg shells.

We have two boys from previous marriages and her son doesn't like mine even tho my son all he wants to do is play with him, he just doesn't and it shows in almost everything. When he is home he is her priority and that shows too, like whatever he wants and needs, its like i dont exist anymore and they boy knows it too, he knows mom will put him first in anything. And i am good to him i treat him with love care and respect, he is a good kid but she has let know "kids are priority here" I dont know how to feel about this because so many times i have put her feelings and emotions first over anyone even my own son. I just feel so lost in this marriage it all feels so wrong and i hurt because i do love her but i cant find genuine good in her. She doesn't care about my step daughter either which i raised since she was 4, she is now a teen and we have had so many fights because she cant fully accept and embrace her as part of the family, for no good reason just for not being blood.


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Leave. You are hurting. Your kids are hurting. It will only get worse as her boy gets older. Leave and take care of your lovely little family ( yourself included). You might find your sleep improves with less stress and worry. Good luck to you.

My experience is that when things are like this, they do not improve. Best thing I did was leave, and I regret not doing it years earlier.

Babe, she sounds like a straight up C**T - Leave, find somewhere and someone who will treat you and your kids (ex step-daughter included) She sounds selfish and mean. Run babe, dont walk.

If this were a woman saying this, 100% of ladies here would be telling you to go seek help.

If you're the same poster who's asking about the wife prioritising her son when he's around, and also the same one who asked a few weeks ago about the wife who thinks grown men shouldn't be around their teenage stepdaughters, then the resounding response each time has been LEAVE HER. Stop asking anonymous message boards what to do because you're getting the same answer each time when it comes to this woman.

 yesssssssss ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
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 Itโ€™s really hard to leave someone. Heโ€™s obviously really unsure and needs validation. And thatโ€™s ok. Maybe he needs to hear it 20 more times before he really makes a decision and knows itโ€™s the right decision. Donโ€™t be hard on him.
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 If I recall correctly from the post about the wife being weird about his relationship with his stepdaughter, they've been married for about 2.5 years. The chronic insomnia has been for around 3 years. Coincidence??
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 I agree. I'm not reading these long posts any more. They all seem a little suspicious. Same person perhaps
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 He said he met her that way. So she hasnโ€™t caused his insomnia but sheโ€™s probably not helping it either.
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Leave her. She is not taking your illness inro account or your feelings and needs. She is selfish and you deserve better

Gage you been diagnosed with depression? Could you take sleeping tablets occasionally?

Do you drink coffee after 3pm ?
Are you on social media In bed ?
Are you cheating on your partner ?

OP No, no and def no. I am very faithful and have wanted nothing but to make her happy.
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There was an insight episode on this a month ago, perhaps look into it? Also parenting is horribly tough at the best of times, so this sounds really sad. My husband and I have an agreement that one weekend day I take the kids and the other he does- this involves wakeup to bed put down(except with the youngest and everything in between). After aonth it's getting better and better as we both get guilt free time, but it's strict, there is no day changing or bothering the other person two ways.. perhaps this could help you a mother with no extended family this has been so good for me to do what I need for myself..hope that helps