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Would you offer to financially bail out your parents in this situation or just leave it?

My parents left our family business to my other sister instead of me after a decade of faithful service as they had to go care for my grandpa. They said she needed it more citing that I had a "rich husband to support me". I was fine with this as I realized a few years ago that they favoured her more and gave up on that dream. She's the pretty skinny tall one and I'm the short fat plain Jane one. I realized that I literally gave too much of myself to the business for very little money with no payrises or appreciation and often told how I was "lucky" to have a job. My sister changed once taking over the business, she became mean and said she would I quote "never employ someone as big as you but youre my sister and I love you so I don't really see how fat you are. Like I like you anyway even though most people wouldnt". She then threw a big girls resume in the trash infront of me.
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F**k no. Don't you give them one cent.
Where was their insurance when they rented it out to your sister?
If they were going so well in business before (remember that YOU were apparently the lucky one to be there), why didn't they put some money aside for rainy days?
If they let your sister live there without a real estate agreement in place, and thus didn't have landlords insurance, they can live and learn.

If your trashbag sister can't sort her shit out and be a fu****g adult (she's about to have a baby, and she owns her own business, the time for growing up has been presented already), your parents shouldn't be enabling her bullshit. Where's the father of the expected child? Why isn't he bailing her out? Why didn't she go land herself a "rich husband" before ruining herself (failing business, trashed home, reputation in tatters)?
Whats more important here:
-your pampered spoiled sisters comfort and convenience
-your health?

Your money is your business. F**k those guys. Go get your surgery. And well done for losing so much weight!

 Totally agree
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 Totally agree, don't lend them YOUR money. They've already shown you how much they appreciate & respect you (insert sarcasm). You could tell them you've already committed to surgery & paid a deposit, which you'll lose, or the investment property settlement had been delayed.

Good on you for losing weight & wanting/getting surgery. Use your money for you. You deserve it Xx

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Um no have your surgery. Think of your own children, what if you get worse and your not around to watch them grow all because your family are selfish asshats. Family is family but you don't owe them your health and wellbing, it sounds like you have given them enough already.

Nope. I think you've written about them before? If so I'm glad you left, you were getting used. It kind of reminds me of my ex mil and her kids, puts the wrong kid on a pedestal while the ones that are actually decent human beings are squished into the ground. I would keep them at a distance, talk about the weather and update everyone's health every now and then but don't talk about the business, finances or your sister and her dramas. Be free from it all, go and book your surgery.

I'm with the other responders. Your family have shown over the years, where you fit into the scheme of things & not nicely. It's their problem, so their mess to sort out. If you help them, they won't be appreciative nor I suspect will you ever see the money, with or without contract etc. Walk away & continue with your life.

Nope. They can get jobs and loans between the three of them and sort their own lives out, go get your surgery and worry about yourself and your nuclear family.

Have the surgery. You’ll never see your money again. All of them made their bed, they can lay in it.

Absolutely not.
You will not see your money again, because your sister will manouevre to be helpless, and your parents will end up giving it to her "because she needs it".
Believe me, I have been on the receiving end of that sort of treatment.
The favourite is always "more deserving". (Read "more needy", but your parents will view it as "more deserving")

You owe them nothing !
You need the surgery, and even if it was only for cosmetic reasons, you deserve it.

I would not be surprised if your excess weight when younger was because of "comfort eating", consoling yourself, unconsciously, for the unequal treatment where you were always on the losing end.

Congratulations on your weight loss, and your financial sense.

You will get more benefits than you know from that surgery, not just fixing the medical problems, but from being able to look better in clothes because you don't have rolls in all the wrong places. And happiness with the visual improvement in your figure.

If I was you I would cut off contact if any of them ask for any money.
In fact I would have cut off contact years ago.
People like that drain you, mentally, emotionally, and financially.
As another responder said: they have made their bed, they can lie in it. The lot of them

Time now for you.
You go girl, and be happy !

What would you advise a friend in this situation. Run mate.

Never loan money you aren't prepared to lose. Even with a contract, I don't think you'd see it again, and having to go through the court process to try and get it back would be physically and mentally taxing. Just don't do it, you don't owe them anything. Take care of yourself.

Tbh they've done this to themselves. It's not your job to bail them out. They won't sell, your sister will manipulate them into letting her stay once renovated. Say no, you're really sorry you can't help but your surgery is needed now. It can't wait.
I think I'm jaded, though, because my sibling is also the favourite & that's all I ever hear about, even though I'm the one helping my parents all the time & he rarely even answers their calls.

No I don't think it's a good idea to lend the money. They haven't considered you in the past so what makes you think they will in the future. You'll lose your money if you 'lend' it to them.

She dropped my hours right down after she took over it but would still expect me to do all the same work in half the time when I was already stretched enough as they wouldn't pay for the time it took me to do the accounts/social media/website etc. We decided as a couple it was time to move very far away after this and I put my notice in and went on a diet.
I was a size 22 so not a small girl but I was happy.
That was 3 years ago and I've since lost allot of weight and now I'm a size 10. I've sold our investment property to fund a mummy makeover as I need skin surgery now. So everyone knows I have money.
My sister has ran the business into the ground in the mean time. Fired everyone. Put all her friends on as employees. Sold off the inventory. She rented my parents house while they were looking after my dying grandpa in another state and trashed it beyond belief as she has 4 cats and 6 dogs.
They've tried putting the business on the market but my 5 star reviews are no more and the business now has a very bad reputation. There is allot of angry clients as my sister has a tendency to rather than approach clients concerns dignified and kindly she instead gets nasty really quickly or reads into comments wrong, over thinks them then goes on the attack mode even though the comment wasn't horrible. She goes on nasty rants on the business page filled with spelling mistakes and bad grammar that makes you think she's drunk rambling.
My parents now need money to renovate the house she trashed so they can try to sell it but said most likely that she will continue living in it as they "don't want to kick their daughter out on the street". She can't rent as she trashed other rental properties.
It is a nightmare in there. She has a baby due in 2 months time and can't bring a baby into that house. She though believes there is nothing wrong with it. We drove the 6 hours down to visit and she said she had been cleaning all week and the house was just disgusting.
Would you lend them the money or leave it?
I'm concerned if they don't sell it I won't see my money and I really need it for my skin surgery. It isn't a matter of looking good either I need this for medical reasons as I have blood/odema pooling because of it so the skin will only get worse.

 I'm confused. You said you had money from selling your investment property, but now you don't have money unless the parents sell?

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 She means if she loans her money to her parents, she won't get repaid unless they sell the house.
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 Have a legal contract
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 What type of business is it ?
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OP They rent out cabins to holiday makers/mine workers. The cabins are on the same land as the house. Her idea of clean and mine is completely different.
This was an ongoing issue as I was pegged as "being OCD" by the family.
I don't believe I am OCD. I just believe if you have allot of people having access to a room you want to minimize any chance of bedbugs or illness causing bacteria. I like everything wiped down and dried. If one of our mine workers get a cold because someone has sneezed all over the place then I would feel guilty. She has more the belief of "if it looks clean it is clean".
But you have a duty of care. They are staying there under the belief that the shower has been sanitised and the everything wiped down. That's what they are paying for. Nothing worse than finding someone else's pee in a toilet, a ring of skin/soap scum in the bath or a used condom lost behind a bedhead.

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Hell no girl don't give them a cent. Spend that money on you, you've earnt it.