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It was boiling up inside me & I just couldn't take it anymore. So I .......


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Hid in the wadrobe & when he opened the door I screamed "welcome to Narnia"

Sent the kids to mums for a holiday week, unplugged all the phones, filled the fridge with seafood and wine and locked all the doors. I am not home.

Answered by SAHM Staff

Maxed out the credit card on pickles and ice cream.

Sat down on my lounge put on Netflix & ordered Indian food to be delivered .

yelled " Hammer time" and hammer danced my a*s straight out the door.

Got on plane, holed up in Mexico & married a man named Jose

Sat quietly & wondered why Kim Kardashian looks like an African American lady these days

Couldn’t think of a witty come back so just said “Mike Drop!” and walked away😆