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How much money do you/ does your family earn?


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I earn 250k hubby earns 20k

 Do hookers earn that much ?
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 That sounds rather like jealousy to me!
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 No but buisness owners do...
And I work about 18 hours a week.
Before kids I worked for my parents after travelling, and took over the company at 25 .While I ran that I made between 1-1.5 million a year. When I chose to have a family I knew I couldn’t run the company and be a present mum in the way I wanted to be, so we sold the company , I used about 1 million to set up my current company which earns a lot but it allows me to do something I love and it’s giving back to my community. Plus it keeps me busy. Keeps us all in a good routine, makes it easy for us to take care of my husbands family, makes it easier to keep giving back to people...I’m considering retiring at 40.
I don’t know we will see I love my work, I might even just make the entire company free service, but I’m still hashing that all out in my head.
I also employ a lot of people so I feel a responsibility to provide work for people too given my position.

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 What’s the company’s name
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 Did your greek sugar daddy give you $1m
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 Is that the wage to pay yourself or profit?
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 ^^ asking the companies name. Really? An anonymous forum post would probably turn into a jealous frenzy of slander
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 I found the name of your business
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 ^ haha you’re a twat
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Hubby earns around $70k. I'm a SAHM but hoping to start some side hustles soon.

 Side hustles? You sound like an early 20s wanna be jail wife.
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 Nailed it 👌 That is EXACTLY what I'm aiming for. Who says these trolls are uneducated idiots?
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 Uneducated lol..hi👋
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My partner is on $210k/year. I am a SAHM studying to be a primary teacher, so no income yet.

 You don’t need to work
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 Maybe she wants to work?
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Me about 16k, my partner 85k. I’m a part time retail manager and he works as a software developer.

I earn about $92k and hubby earns about $115k plus an annual bonus

A lot less than every other response! Really need a full time job but love mine...


 Do you mind if I ask what sort of work you do?
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