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What age do you stop brushing your kids teeth?

I have a 4, 7 and 9 year old and I still brush the 4 and 7 year olds every night. But they brush in the mornings.
My 9 year old iv let him do it on his own for the last 6 months since around his birthday. Before that he had about 3 month supervised but on his own.
Recently the mumS at school were shocked I still brushed my 4 and 7 yo. That being said many people compliment their bright white teeth. And their teeth are in significantly better condition that most kids their age... and it got me wondering when others let their kids brush their own teeth? Am I the odd one out still brushing my 7 year olds teeth?


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Dentist tells me kids still don’t really have the right coordination to brush even by 10 and you should do it... but I think it depends on the kid too. My 9year, hates it because she has sensitive teeth/emotions/tastes/energy...etc etc. 6year old has best teeth ever and she has brushed them since 3, she is a trooper

 By the way, we brush the 9 year olds teeth because basically she can’t manage it properly. Younger one we don’t need to worry
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When they can brush them themselves and you can be sure they’re doing it correctly

I think I was around 30 when I stopped brushing their teeth.

Mine are 3 and 5 and I let them brush first, then I go back over them. My stepdaughter is 8 and was never taught how to brush her teeth or supervised, just given a tooth brush and let go and she has shocking teeth. Full of holes and they are stained a really dark brown that looks like she constantly has chocolate on them. I know which teeth I'd rather my kids have 🤷‍♀️. Screw what people say, just do what you think is rught for your kids x

F**k the judgemental mums. As an adult with shit teeth because my parents didn’t enforce or monitor teeth brushing I can tell you right now you are doing the right thing. I was 23 before I found out how to properly brush my teeth from a dentist. Then another dentist told me that I should be brushing my children’s teeth until they can at least write cursive when I asked when they were little. You keep it up. You are being a great mother.

I get my kids to brush their teeth but will help with any parts that I think they have missed afterwards. My 7yr old likes to do it himself but rushes and misses teeth a lot.