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No tax return, child support

my ex hadn't done a tax return since our child was born 4 years ago. He just caught up and processed it all, will i get backpay?
p.s, yes i work and do not rely on cs but i would like to know


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Yes. My ex had to pay his ex $20,000 but be aware if you have received ftb based on no child support you might need to pay some of that back based on the formulas they use. This is normally worked out by the departments before you receive the back pay child support but may not be so don't spend it until you are certain Centrelink is sorted on the ftb front.

Yes, I got a $7000 ish lump sum a few years ago after he did about 5 years of tax returns. Still owes about $20,000.

I owe my ex $1000 in child maintenance he recived this today from my tax return how long will it take for me to recive my remaing amout please.

This is a good example of why you should get CSA to collect, if this mum had a private agreement her ex wouldn't have to pay.

Nobody is going to judge you for receiving child support, that's a little different to trying to scam centrelink

How long did it take for you to receive part or all of their tax return due to a debt they had with child support? I just received a new assessment stating he has done a tax return and owes even more then what they thought, yet they have told me I probably won’t see any of that money if I haven’t received it yet.

Yes you will providided he has earnt above the threshold for those years. If you received ftb you will likely get a bill too, even if it takes him 10 years to fully repay what he owes you Centrelink will look at it as already received income, and adjust your payments for each corresponding year accordingly and expect you to start repaying your 'overpaid' amounts pronto. Sucks but thats how they do it, going through it now.

 Oooh and it will depend on whether you have been on CSA collect or a private agreement, you might not get anything at all if you were on a private agreement.
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Yes but if he owes you money you will only get a lump sum payment up to a maximum of the amount of his return. You’ll have to wait for him to pay the rest which will just be a cs debt. Took years for me to get the remainder after 5 years no tax returns but got there eventually