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What does your weekend look like?

Hubby working so we are on our own his weekend. Me and two kids 5 & 2. We have a fairly busy day out and about on Sunday, but today planning on letting the kids relax, do some craft with my five yo when miss 2 is napping, and getting a few jobs done like tidying, clean the car, clearing a cupboard or two, and maybe get ready for next week. (Hahaha - I always have grand plans!!) what is everyone up to this weekend?


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Every weekend is different for us, This weekend grandma has taken the kids on a little holiday so hubby and I are laying around, eating crap food, take away, watching movies, sleeping in and having sex. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Gym this morning, movies this afternoon. Swimming tomorrow morning, then off to visit grandmothers and aunties and uncles for afternoon tea. Oh, and de-nitting hair this evening!

Another one that can't think for themselves. Needy much.

 its called discussion, this is a discussion forum. She clearly can think for herself, given she listed her own example above.
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Every Saturday we go to parkrun, the rest of the day depends on what we need to do. Shopping, friends, chores, games things like that. Sunday we have pancakes hubby and I will do a long run each then we might go to a park or beach or something.

Exactly the same as you, except mine are 7 & 2, and it's been snowing on and off all morning, but isn't settling. 7 year old is on snow watch while reading.

I havent done much cleaning for a month due to morning sickness/miscarriage so im attacking it today. I have a rent inspection coming up, joy.

Sleep in on Saturday then went makeup shopping, tonight I'm going out for dinner with the girls, tommorow we will have morning sex then relax then make a lamb roast, I love being child free.

Pj day

 Same. Also had a nap when the kids did.
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Getting photos done. Visiting family. Just a nice relaxing weekend.

Me and DD8 just put the cupcakes in the oven.
Movies and games today, like you our tomorrow is busy

Do you actually care what a bunch of strangers do on their weekends?

 You did when you clicked on the question.
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 Haha bam!
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 I clicked on it to laugh. I have a life.
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 An hour ago you wrote your response, 14 minutes ago I wrote mine, 3 minutes ago you told me you have a life.
I think it's obvious what your weekend involves; sitting on the Internet and being a bitch, you must be a lot of fun to be around this weekend.

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 Ah nope, see I don't have the time to sit around the analyse what time the replies came.. See? I have a life. Lol loser.
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 Knew you would bide your time to reply, we all know you've been on here every 5 minutes since your last comment. Give up troll.
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 Why does this have to be a troll? She's right why would anyone care about a strangers weekend? Lmao are you that desperate for friends
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