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What do you do with unbearable teenage girls?

Mine is rude and nasty to everyone in the house, the screaming and yelling at everyone/everything for no reason is becoming too much! What do other people do to deal with teenage daughters?


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I would take her for a drive, and talk to her. Find out if something is bothering her.
If there is nothing wrong then ignore the carry on don't make eye contact then when the situation has calmed down ask her to nicely explain what the problem is. Make sure she knows next time she speaks to you like that what the consequences will be. There is a post that has some great ideas you could use. But you must be prepared to carry out the punishment.

I was that teenager. I was just so angry at the world. No "reason " why.
Most AMAZING mum in the world, dad ok (same personally so clashed). From a family with enough wealth that we never wanted anything but had chores.
Never had any bullying or sexual abuse. Just very insecure in myself, I was taller and slightly bigger than the other girls but very pretty back then.
All in all don't know why I was such a BITCH!!! in my teenage years.
Good to know fir the future is that I meet after a few losers the most amazing man ever and he calmed my rage. So there is hope in the future.
Good luck, I can tell you that I felt totally betrayed by my mum when she went to school to ask their advice as I was an A grade student.
Hormones can be very overwhelming.
Sorry no advance. But hopefully it will pass eventually xxx

 I was like this also, but I think I was just looking out for attention and went the wrong way about it. Took years to see my flaws and my families flaws (trying to exert control which I rebelled against) anyway all in all I grew out of it and by 16-18 when I had more independence I was a much nicer person. Goodluck anyway!
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My husband said that men were cool and sleazy in the 80’s

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You need to sit with her and be FIRM. THIS IS NOT HOW WE TREAT EACH OTHER IN THIS HOUSE.
Take away ALL electronics and her bedroom door. When she learns respect then she can slowly have these luxuries back. Also, turn off the WIFI at night time, she is probably up all night watching youtube or texting friends so not getting a decent amount of sleep. Step up and parent. She knows exactly what shes doing and your letting her get away with it.
Don't threaten punishment and then wimp out - you need to be tough.

 Oh I like the door idea!
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 We did it with our then 14 year old. No respect for us or the other kids. Privacy is a luxury. You want to be a bitch and slam doors, look out no door. She hated it but it worked VERY quickly
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 I kinda agree taking the door if you’ve got a teen slamming it all the time, but privacy is not a luxury, we are all entitled to privacy.
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 I think this is a great answer. I don’t know why people jump to “ see a psychologist” when it’s simply a parenting matter.
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 I may have to do this with my six year old
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 Well technically no privacy isn't a right.
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 Being treated decently is a right, so its good for her to lose her privacy. She will learn quickly the price of not considering other peoples rights.
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Take her to a psychologist? See if anything else is going on? At this age they should understand what behaviour is ‘acceptable’ in currently telling my 2 year old when she screams and cries and shrieks I won’t listen until she is talking and using her words. Not mocking your daughter but just pointing out she needs to realise what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. And if she can’t get the point maybe take her to a psychologist or someone you think can help you point this out to her?