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Awful 2yo - losing my mind

My 2 yo is extremely clingy (can’t walk out of the room without her running after me crying). She’s just been crying and screaming off and on all week. I cannot do a thing alone. Waking up 2-3 times at night. I am really losing my mind and starting to despise her. I also have a 4.5 yo at home. Also work part time. She is really testing me. Help?


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Fresh perspective (no judgement, I've been exactly where you are with all of my rugrats):
You are a rock star. In your babies eyes, you're the prettiest, smartest, coolest person ever. I remember as a child looking up to my mum and just being in absolute awe of her. She was completely perfect, and I wanted to be just like her.
I know it's hard. These kids are just, so intense, all the time. Always right there, demanding demanding DEMANDING!!
Pop her in the pram or baby carrier (seriously, an amazing investment when you have a toddler) and go for a walk. With the older child too. Sometimes, a change of scenery and some fresh air help give us a clean slate. You're not going to anywhere in particular, just a wander.
You can do this. You can endure this phase, because it's for your baby. What a beautiful reason to hang in there.

 Rockstar? 😂😂
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 In the eyes of her child, yeah.
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 I wouldn’t recommend putting a 2 year old in a baby carrier unless you have a very strong back. Absolutely try the pram and a change of scenery though.
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 ^I routinely wear my 4 year old. If you have good core muscles and a proper carrier, you should be fine (obviously depending on individual circumstances)
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 Lol my 4 year old is 20kg. How the heck!?
Definitely individual circumstances

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 You can get carriers for up to around 30kgs. I've carried my 4yo in a carrier and it's perfectly fine and comfortable
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 Your 4 year old is spoilt and has you wrapped around your little finger
Get a job

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 Are both of you planning home schooling ?
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 My 4 year old is spoiled, as are all of my children. Because I love them. Imagine the audacity of someone loving their child 😂
As for homeschool, no, I don't homeschool any of my kids. Because, unlike you dear troll, I AM getting a job. And I hope to be the boss some day so I can weed out whiney little bi****s like you negative nancy.

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 Spoilt means they whinge and you drop everything or stop talking to people and give your child attention
I don’t need to work I won lotto last year $1.8m

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 If you won 1.8mill I doubt you would be on here trying to troll other people. Unless your life is that pathetic which lets be honest sweetheart if you need to lie about winning the lotto I don’t think things are going to well for you. 🤭
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 My life is better than yours sweetheart
Sucked in for raising a spoilt sprog

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Oh my daughter was like this. Still is to a degree and she is 6!! Hugs mumma it is so difficult.

 Mummys girl

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 She's a massive mummas girl.
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 You made a rod out of your own back
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My daughter was like this from about 1 month old til about 3.5. She did my head in! Have another child 2 years older. Woke CONSTANTLY, barely napped. I took her to drs, sleep classes etc nothing worked! If hubby went to deal with her during the night she would get even worse qnd SCREAM! I had gastro once and went to my mums so she could help with the kids, i went to bed but all i could hear was her screaming. I spent most of my SIL wedding walking laps of the carpark coz she wouldn't stop crying. I had several aunties etc reckon they'd be able yo deal with her but they never got anywhere. I put her in daycare 1 day a week and she refused to eat or look at the carers if the spoke to her. She was MISERABLE! I'm pretty sure there was something wrong with her digestive system or a food that bothered her coz she also got constipated a lot - hence drs visits but I dont feel i was taken very seriously and treated like a hypochondriac mother. In hindsight Im positive there was something not right and i would have persued it more with the knowledge O now have. Anyway, she grew out of it eventually. She's 12 now and so easygoing, happy, active and vibrant. No advice but hang in there. You're not alone and it really won't be like this forever. I did stop breastfeeding her at 8 months coz she was just using me as a dummy 10 times a night and i got her a blankey instead which she grew quite attached to.

 *When i say 3.5 i mean years not months
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 Your child is spoilt

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It's a stage and it's awful but I promise it does get better! You just have to lower your expectations of what you can achieve in a day (which is hard I know). Don't let anyone make you feel like a failure if the house isn't spotless and the washing done and the tea on the table every day. You are doing an amazing amount already and are allowed to let some things slide. They're only little for a short time. Leave the dishes in the sink, order pizza for tea, and just sit with them in a blanket fort and read stories all day. Ask people for help, is there a friend or family member who could look after them for a day while you get things done? There's no harm in asking. Hang in there!

My boy was the same. I couldn’t even go to the toilet in peace. He would be outside the door crying and pounding on it. It nearly drove me insane.
The dependency does pass, but can go on for a while.
Try the going for a walk advice. It might distract her, and will help you stay sane.
Also any play places that will physically exhaust her might help her sleep through the night.
I also became much less concerned about housework and the stuff that needed to get done, until he became more independent.
Fortunately I was never very houseproud, but it will reduce stress for you if you are able to not let it get to you.
You could also get her to “help” you, like help carry washing to the machine, so she feels involved with your activities.
Eventually my son preferred to amuse himself rather than be apprentice to housework.
That’s about all I can think of. Hope it helps.

Where’s the maybe she has autism card ?

 Don’t think she has autism. She has always been extremely attached to me. To the point where she used to not let my husband get up to her during the night. Would just scream the house down until mum went in. Just very hard to deal with
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 Where’s the autism card? What sort of card is it? I ask cos my child does have autism and I’m wondering if I can get one of these cards?
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 And seriously, yeah this was one of my massive signs. Kid couldn’t go anywhere even with me their anxiety would grow and even attached to me wouldn’t join in activities.
Maybe you should do some research before you throw out smart arse responses

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Thanks ladies. It is so hard sometimes. Just needed to vent to someone who understands what i am going through. Think i need a few hours to myself!

You're probably going to get awful comments but I also have a 2 year old just like this, some days it drives me completely up the wall 😭 sometimes I literally can't sit on the other side of the couch without mine freaking out and for seemingly no reason. The separation anxiety is hectic, my older child could barely care if I went to China for a month lol and slept through every single night. I am dying.

 Both my kids were like this around the same age. Its really hard! Only advice looking back is try and give them as much attention as possible, I know it's hard that why I said as much as possible. Try for some one on one time, again if possible. Finally, it will pass and they won't be as clingy and you'll miss their two year old snuggles and neediness. But yeah, it's a hard time especially when you need to get things done.
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