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Fireman shifts. How would that work with a split family?

Answered 8 months ago

What are typical rosters? Ex lives in a different town - 1.5 hours away. Current custody arrangement is he has them every other weekend and half school holidays.
I understand he's trying to get a better lifestyle but I'm worried it's at the detriment to his relationship with our children. It's not like we can easily swap days around or he can have them after school/overnight during the week on his days off because he doesn't live in the same town.

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8 months ago
Maybe have a chat to him and create a shared calendar online via google and him upload his roster etc and talk nicely and make things work by booking it in etc. Which is hard with the distance etc. But with communication and organisation you can make it work. This is what I did with my ex when we lived 5 hours apart for 10 months as I had a temporary transfer.