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Am I the only one who spends $600- $700 on food in bulk, Yes I do. "No its not in my head sweetie'"
by the time you buy bulk everything, once every 2 months, it does not take much to get to $700 and 3 trollys.

Single mum. 3 kids. Find groc shopping a complete waste of my time, which can be used better. I prefer and love Coles online. Online shopping to me = better use of my time, no wasting time by going to shops-walking up and down every isle- back tracking-forgetting etc. It also = watch my expenditure and budget carefully, stick to my means, meal plan and keep a list. Shop the specials. No impulse buying. No surprise to my grocery bill that week.

I order my shopping, after work on a Tues I pick it up via click and collect and wallah someone else did the groc shop for me. Easy peasy. My time = precious. Technology allows me to better use of my time = it works brilliantly for me.

I must also admit, the Coles that is my local is excellent. Never forgets an item, fantastic quality of fresh food. Minimal problems.

Love it.

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 Your time is precious, doing what ?
Get a job

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 She literally said that she collects her groceries after work on a tuesday. Maybe learn to read before you try and insult somebody.
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 Haha. I sure did. I am a single mum, a sole parent at that of 3 Children. Yeah I work and I get my groceries after work. I am lucky enough to be a highschool teacher (sorry about bad spelling-i teach maths😄), and am able to leave work by 330 to get kids + pick up groceries and get home to do home work with them and make dinner. Hence why I love online shopping! Do what is right for you and your family I say.
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I do online every few months and definitely will be in the future. It was so handy having the option for online with a newborn so I will definitely be using it again more frequently when I have this baby. I don't buy my meat and fruit/veg online though as I like to pick my own. I prefer woolworths to coles as every time I've ordered through coles they are always running late so I end up having to wait outside the delivery window that I selected. Never had an issue with woolworths delivery.

I occasionally do a ww online, but only for bulk stuff. But that is only every 2 months.
Have not done any for 6 months, as the store they deliver / pick from is 1 hour from us, and always late in delivery time.

Last time the delivery was for 5pm, they text to say midnight delivery. I cancelled the whole $700 order.
you never get everything you order. You have to order and pay on a Tuesday if you want a saturday deliver.

Crazy, but they won't put in more delivery trucks. Coles does not deliver to where I live.
So i shop locally at IGA, which is better and fresher.

It is all in your head sweetie

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