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Have you ordered from shein?

And are they any good?


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Yes I've used them twice. The first time I paid for an item and a few days later they sent an email that theyd sold out and they refunded my money immediately. Second time was an oversize kimono. Absolutely gorgeous, fit perfectly and arrived in record time. My MIL on the other Hand bought a dress that was way too small and not the colour or fabric described. That was a fail but she did receive it very quickly and when she rang for return details for a refund, they were very helpful and she got her money back quite quickly. So yes they are legit but may not be for everyone x

Yes - twice. Both times I was happy with what I got. The quality of the fabric isn't amazing, but that's what I expected so I wasn't disappointed. The best advice is look at the reviews and see if anyone's posted a photo of them wearing the item because that gives you a much more realistic idea of the way it will look.

No, but have ordered through rosegal. Everything was as described and fit well. Just make sure you check the size chart for every item before you buy.

I haven’t but my mum did. The quality of the items was actually pretty good. The sizing however was small. She ordered large/extra large items, when they turned up they couldn’t fit her so she gave them to me. I’m a 10/12 and they fit me pretty well.