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The problem with raising free thinking independent children is

Answered 2 years ago

that when they move out they don't bother with you any more:( Maybe I should have made sure they were emotionally damaged instead of being able to deal with lifes ups and downs without needing to talk to mum. I am proud of them but I feel abandoned. They are happy to chat if I call but never ring me. I now lie when people ask if so and so has called me lately as I feel like a failure. No question. Just a pity party.

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2 years ago
I’m emotionally damaged and prefer not to talk to my parents because of it. You’re kids still respect you so give them the space they need and they will be back in time.


2 years ago
♥️ Hugs Babe

2 years ago
I am the same and I agree. I think though, that as a strong mother you are, it is important that you model that you are also human. Your kids may think they don’t need to because you don’t need them. Share with them how you feel, trying not to make it feel about guilt but that as their mother you still value that connection..I’m not sure how one doesn’t this...but you sound smart enough. Everyone feels down.. so feel down and this too will pass x