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Answered 2 years ago

Who has it??? Pros cons etc??

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2 years ago
I'm on my third one thirteen years with no periods and not a days trouble, I guess I,m a lucky one.

2 years ago
I’ve had mine for a long time (7 years) and it has pros and cons. When I first got I had heavy periods every 2 weeks for about 3 months. And then like a switch I went to 3-4 monthly very light periods. I didn’t get the moods or weight gain like some people do and sex drive is intact. Now I’m needing it out and it has to be done surgically as the gyno can’t find the strings. I’ve been waiting 6 months now.

2 years ago
I’ve had the mirena for a while now. It’s different for everyone. But I cant complain with my experience
Replace every 5-6 years
Fell pregnant almost immediately after removing it to family plan
Periods still come monthly, very light with next to no pain
No weight gain
High sex drive still intact
You can’t feel it
Sometimes moody, but dont think that’s from the mirena 😂
Hope that helps

2 years ago
Messes with you. Mood swings weight gain etc. can also move etc