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Do women like tight or fitted pants on a man?

Answered 1 year ago

I like and appreciate fashion and like to dress fashion forward but still mature and manly, i try keeping my pants somewhat fitted but still room to move around and a slight looseness in certain parts of the pant. Ive seen men wear very tight skin tight pants with shirts same way even as suit attire seems a bit too much for my taste but just wondering what women like and how they feel about very tight pants on a man. And i mean mature men, like 30's 40's?

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1 year ago
I like fitted, but not like skinny jeans. My man looks sexy in fitted pants.

1 year ago
Can we have some kind of abbreviation for when blokes post? It'll help endear you to us. These do women like questions are getting tedious.
Because yes, all women are exactly the same. If you find out one likes it, 100% guarantee that we all do. We too stupid to form our own individual opinions and preferences *eyeroll*.

I think I'll refer to you as Dave. Dave the Duffer.
Dave, honey, a good pair of fitted pants can look great on a man. Especially if it's paired with a nice shirt. But, context also matters.
If you're usually wearing fashion forward clothes and you're a farmer, I'll assume you're a hands-off farmer. And to someone like me (who grew up mostly on a farm), that's off putting.
If you're dressing snappy and tell me you're an accountant, good for you man. You rock that shit.

Also, how tight? Like, I can clearly see the outline of each ball tight? Or, fitted but not squeezing your junk tight?

Fitted is good Dave. Tiiiiiiight is a little too midlife crisis.

Good luck, Duffer Dave.

1 year ago
Fitted. Not skin tight.