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My fiance has secret accounts twitter Instagram you now bigo discorn tumbler and is full of porn he even watches live ca

Answered 17 days ago

My fiance of 16 years has secret twitter Instagram tumbler and you now bigo discorn chat accounts full of porn I don't no how to process this he said he's a sex addict and likes it but he's not trying get it off me or even doing anything sexual with me and I go to kiss him I get the cheek I'm worried as he keeps his phone on silent or vibrate and very close to him he won't even put it on charge anymore when he goes to bed help I see it as cheating and feel like im not good enough

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17 days ago
Time to call it quits sorry!

1 month ago
This person is telling you the truth and doesn’t want to change. Believe them. Run away, far far away. You deserve so much better than somebody who doesn’t care how you feel

3 months ago
Suggest marriage counseling

3 months ago
Engaged for 16 years and turns his cheek when you try to kiss?