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What would you do?

Answered 5 months ago

My husband and I make a decent combined income approx 185k yearly.

We are currently renting however live a comfortable life. When we need something we can buy it cash. We don't live pay check to pay check and we don't live off credit. We have just a little over 70k in savings.

We are looking a purchasing in Sydney where avg prices are 800k to 1mil and the houses or areas aren't that great. Moving interstate isn't an option right now. The house prices are so inflated for what you get. Would you give up the comfort and peace of mind and all your savings to own a tiny piece of the pie that you'll be paying off for most of your life?Noting we are in a mid to late 30s.

While i would love to own my home. I'm not sure the Australian dream is my dream anymore.

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5 months ago
Noting or no one says you need to buy a home. Start with a 5 year plan and go from there