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Phone contracts

Answered 5 months ago

We have to go with Telstra due to the area we live in (no Vodafone or Optus reception here unfortunately). We now have 4 x mobile phones and the minimum monthly pre-paid credit is $30 each, so it's now $120 / month for business phone, 2 x adult phones, 1 x teen phone (and the other child will need one soon too). How do others manage this, it seems crazy when the kids hardly even use their credit

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5 months ago
We have to use Telstra network aswell where we live. But we've gone with Woolworths (they use Telstra) and it's half the price.


5 months ago
That's what I use. It's $20 a month

5 months ago
Look at BOOST. It's the full telstra network & administered by Telstra (not owned by them).

It's pre paid but we buy annual ones. So much cheaper than telstra!