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So tired!

Omg! I feel like i am constantly running on empty. I am 31 week ive been having pressure in my pelvis as bubs head has been going up and down for the last 3 weeks. Making it feel like i need to pee but its just cause shes down there. So i wake up every night and i am still working and with two other kids i cant have a little nap suring the day to catch up so i am tired all the time. Even to the point i fell asleep on the loo last night :-( any suggestions on how to start sleeping thru again? Cause ive got no idea


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It's normal not to sleep through the night while heavily pregnant. But it's not normal to continue working while pregnant expecially with 2 other kids.
I'm a big believer in the importance of health over wealth so maybe you need to take a look at your finances and see if you can save $ rather than working.

OP I have money saved. But i dont get maternity leave so trying to use that after bubs come instead of before. If i got a good night sleep oid be right to work :-)
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 Why don't you get maternity leave? Isn't it for all working mums?
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A granny nappy, so you don't have to get up to wee.

OP I cant thru out the day
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Just take each day as it comes, try and do an afternoon or evening of baking and prepare meals for freezer so you don't have to worry about dinner every night.
Stuff the housework your more important :-)

OP My hubby has started to take over the cooking and cleaning but still wake up 3/4 times a night cause of the pressure feeling
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Put the plastic sheets on the bed amd sleep through it. Benedryl is safe during pregnancy and should knock you out for a good sleep

OP I have a protector on my bed already for the other kids when they jump in. Im not worried about peeing myself id do anything for a goid night sleep. I'll have a look into Benedryl thanks
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Start maternity leave early if that's an option you don't want to burn out entirely before bubby is here. Or reduce your days or hours?

OP I work for myself so the longer i can work the better but i have cut down alot i just can seem to sleep thru
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