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Canned spaghetti 🍝

does anyone actually enjoy sitting down to a can of this " food"???


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My kids love the spagasaurus spaghetti lol I'll have a mouthful but I prefer baked beans on toast :)

Jaffles 🙂

 Anyone who doesn't love jaffles, is an uncultured swine 😂
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I think it’s the most disgusting thing ever. The way it plops out of the can, the smell, ewwww.

I love the ones shaped liked dinosaurs. My hubby just rolls his eyes when I buy it cause he prefers baked beans and doesn't realise there's a difference in the taste lol. They are the best

Yep !
Sometimes I crave it, scoff a whole can, and then feel totally guilty because of the carbs in it. Do it again about 6 months later.
It was a staple when I was a kid.
The craving comes on once I have been cutting down carbs for a while.

My kids say yes, better than my real cooking

 Good thing there's canned spaghetti
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 Most kids prefer bland food, I don't think this says anything about the quality of your spaghetti.
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No way but when I was pregnant I craved tin spaghetti. It was gross but I really had to eat it