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My husband told me last night he’d love to watch me pleasure myself. Is he being weird?

I don’t know if I’m being a prude . But I want to make him happy. Has anyone enjoyed something similar ?


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Not weird. Its hot.
Act confident.
If you think it will help your nerves, tell him you'd like him to wank himself at the same time and try to cum at the same time. Or suggest he cum on your belly or boobs.

Do it in either the dark or just a bit of light from your phone on the bedside table.

a. He probably loves the idea of you getting off
b. He potentially wants to learn some new tricks for what works for you.

It is so much better when you see someone else enjoying watching you get off.

We do it, my hubby loves watching me!! Especially in the shower. Go for it, you will enjoy it :)

 I feel embarrassed to do it. Does it get easier after the first time?
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 Yeah it does. Maybe start off with him just laying next to you in bed, can have the covers on and let him just feel your hand pleasing yourself.
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Are there alot of "special" people on here or is it just me?

 It’s just you
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 Nope what kind of woman doesn't know that
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Be pleased he wants to see you pleasure yourself. I thought I would surprise mine with a show. Didn't get the reaction I was hoping for. Humiliated I grabbed my clothes and ran to the bathroom and burst into tears.

 Ohhhhh ❤
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 Oh that's so sad, I'm sorry :( xx
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 Ur husband is a butthole for making you feel like that
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It's a good thing. If he likes to see you it means he wants you to enjoy it as well. Your pleasure is enjoyable for him. Means he probably won't be selfish in bed.

Hubby asked me to "show him how to use our new toys" he got that turned on he barely waited 2 minutes before he started fu****g me up the arse .. loved it and will do again now!

I think it's weird you haven't done this in front of each other before

I think it's nice that ur can tell you these things. Go for it 🤩