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I think my husband ex is hooking to make more money


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So, jealous much? She’s doing one of the hardest (mentally) (emotionally) jobs to support her kids. It isn’t easy. If the kids are fed, clothed, have a roof over their heads and are happy, leave her alone

 Agree, as long as the kids aren't exposed to it.
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 Of course but that’s common sense
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Awesome so long as the kids aren't there. Maybe he could pay her more child support if you are concerned. Seriously wish I did it back in the day

If she is in a safe legal environment then it is none of your business. Let her work and support her kids without your judgemental attitude.

Wish I was hot enough for people the f**k me for cash

 She's not
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 You sound so jealous
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 You think she’s not, clearly your husband thought she was and so do other guys. Lay of the haterade
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I am hookin for $$ & loven it. I tots love that the government won't find out & i can still get full cs. Your spog will suffer & i'm gonna be sittin pretty. Shoulda choose better slag! Can't do nothin but write on this lame forum. You better duck next time I pick up my kid.