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Education dept says...

The Department is defining adequate supervision as follows, based on physical distancing measures:

maximum number of 10 children in a rooma minimum teacher-to-student ratio of 1:8 to ensure staff can assist their colleagues with breaks, relief and other support where required. This staffing ratio can include the use of relevant support staff.

Kids should be 1.5 m apart which is hard for a room thats small and has 25 kids.

Lining up the area isnt big enough to cater for 1.5 between kids

Reading this how can schools return????

Its impossible kids wont stay 1.5 apart at recess or walking home.


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Sigh, this virus has bought out the worst in people as you can see by comments. Its a valid question. With a week before VIC kids go back its time they did put something in concrete to tell parents. Saying it wont be the same isn't good enough Some people will have to miss work if they are not 'essential' aka doctors, nurses, police, paramedic or grocery shop workers. As those are essential jobs. Some people will need to organise internet connected if its all online which is further expense. For some it creates more financial expense as everything moves online. If you have computers and home internet consider yourself lucky.

 The Prime Minister has stated several times that an essential worker is anyone that is still working!!!
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 Or vulnerable kids can still attend. You don’t need internet, they send out booklets if you don’t have devices and internet. The schools don’t like to advertise the fact.
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 I thought it was a valid question too, but I did notice when people started to reply last night, OP was coming on heavy with her frustrations and was not really responding to decent that point I wondered why even ask the question.
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 What do you mean schools don’t like to advertise the fact they don’t have booklets? Every school in my area and schools my relatives are attending all have work packages to give out. Every school knows not everyone has access to the internet.
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Agree we should be told now! I don’t know if it is back or not!

Only 20 children are currently coming to school out of a total of 620. No probs with distancing.

If there is only 10 kids per room, then there isn't a class of 25 kids.

 There are 25 kids in the class, so far schools are deemed to be returning. There are NOT enough classrooms or teachers to have 10 kids per class. If this is the rule then they need to actively tell us not to take kids to school instead of dragging it on.
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 Morison has said since day one this will be long and atleast 6months.. did we interpret this differently? School won’t be going back the same.. unless there is a vaccine in panadol. Public schools in WA are saying they are preparing for online learning..
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 Returning, yes by way of not shutting down.. for those who must send their kids.
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 I am in Queensland and the kids school has contacted me to tell me homeschool for the entire of next term, possibly longer.
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It will be essential workers only

And the will mix classes as needed

 So then they need to tell us. Instead of dragging it out like everything else.
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 They’ve kinda got a lot of shit going on.
I’d say the are literally putting one foot in front of the other.
Don’t be mad when your finish line looks different and feels more important

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 Its not just essential workers, if you need to take your kids to school you can.
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