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I am looking for mums who have made housework their work out! Would love to chat if you or someone you know keeps fit or has lost weight from cleaning the house while burning calories.


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Not completely but it is a part of my weight loss/mainatainence plan. 1-2 hours a day houseworkand a 40 minute walk 3-5 times a week. I do wear a tracker and sometimes just doing housework alone, I can get 10,000 + steps in a day. House work includeds vacuum, mopping, scrubbing toilets/showers, sometimes floor, hanging out/bringing in/folding/putting away washing, gardening, cleaning walls, windows and general tidying. I just tried to keep fairly active rather than just sitting around. I have lost 55kgs.

 That's so amazing to hear! You've inspired me to finally go for that run (and start my spring cleaning). would love to have a quick chat and hear more about how you get in those 10,000 steps (I'm lost for words). If you're keen for a chat my email is [email protected] - I'd love to hear from you.
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I think about it when I'm sweeping. How many calories i'm burning. It's meant to be a good work out.

It’s about my only form of exercise. But it’s continuous with my two ratbag children haha

 I'd love to hear from you! If you're keen for a chat my email is [email protected]

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Sadly I don’t think it’s possible to use house work as your only means of exercise. I clean all the time and still need to do formal exercise to stay thin!