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Who has an IPL machine?

I have started using one and I just used it around my groin area and ouch, it hurts! I'm trying to work up the courage to use it on my bum. Please tell me this will work straight away 😂


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They don't work. Test it on a patch on your leg, same spot for a while and see if it makes a difference. IPL machines don't usually work so test it on a less painful place.

 Argh! I hope it does
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I've just started doing laser hair removal at a proper salon and it's heaps better and less painful the IPL. They often have half price specials so makes it affordable. You need 6-10 to get really good results and it's the same for IPL so keep zapping that butt crack

 I will! So it sounds like it takes more than 3 like my booklet says, I thought that sounded a little too good.
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I’ve been using an at home one for a while on and off. It’s only left me patchy, which does make less hair to shave.

I was doing my va jay jay and yeah it fn hurts. But I haven’t been getting the results so feel like giving up.

 I hope I see results after a few tries at it, I can handle patchy if it will work eventually! I was using it on my legs without it hitting too badly and as soon as I started hitting pubes it hurt bad so I hope that means it was working 😂
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 Without it hurting not hitting
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