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So sick of people never listening to me.

I have had a gut full of people not listening to me. Went out last night and there was an incident. I was fine. It was a nothing incident until someone in the group decided they knew better than I did and went against my wishes. Even though I told them on the phone and in text three times not to.
When I got the shits and told this person off I was the one who was called ungrateful and selfish!

Me & husband go to buy drinks. We are getting a glass of red wine for someone . He asks which one? I say just get the 1st one. He goes okay so the shiraz. (which is the 2nd listed). I go okay whatever. Do what you want. He gives me a dirty look. I Tell him why did he ask me what wine she wanted if he didn't take any notice of what I said. So that was my fault too.

Later they ask why I am so quiet and ask if anything is wrong. I say "no" because what is the point of saying anything.

Get told stand up for yourself. I do and still get treat like shit.

So sick of this shit. Anyone else?


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I get this with my mother in law. She doesn't listen and then takes over what Im doing and totally ruins things.

 This is my mother in law too!
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I get it. That's annoying for sure. This is why I don't interact with many people anymore. People are drama. I have 2 close people & i stick with that, makes life easier. Reevaluate who you want in your life. As for your husband....i think miscommunication like that occasionally is normal.

I stood up for myself with old people In community title and I look like the bad guy

Perhaps just a bad night for you?
Or do you have other examples from day to day life?