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Do I want more kids?

Answered 7 months ago

I recently got out of a emotionally abusive marriage. I thought my marriage was fine until I started going to a hobby club once a week and being around other people made me realise how much of a bad relationship I was in.
During my seperation I met someone else. He's been incredible, hes really helped me sort my life out, hes been more then brilliant with my children, especially as my eldest has behavioural problems (enough to scare anyone off) .
We laugh and have so much fun together, we are so similar on so many levels, he makes me feel so beautiful even when I feel ugly, we have amazing family days together with his kids and mine.
Theres just one catch in my head that I cant get past. During my marriage my husband told me no to more children then 2, I made myself believe I didnt want anymore. Now my exhusband is planning more kids with his new girlfriend and Im left wondering what I truly want.
My new partner has made it clear in a gentle way he doesnt want anymore kids, especially as hes a bit older then me and his are all adults.
I feel Im onto something good with him and we are amazing together, do I want to risk it all just in case I want one more baby in the futire?

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7 months ago
Be happy with your two
Be happy with your new partner
Fuck what your ex does

7 months ago
Could you possibly want more because you know your ex is having more?
Maybe you do want more? Would be worth a chat to your partner again.