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Wise older ladies

Do you remember how clueless you were when you were younger? The world was black & white to me. There was this way or this way & no other way. Life has a way of teaching you that isn't the case. Anyone else agree?


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Absolutely! The things I knew would fit in a thimble, haha. Life is much bigger, broader and harder.

I use the age of wisdom but try to keep a young heart, an open mind and trusting soul. I try to be kind to others, have compassion and empathy.

 I like it
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I think it's the opposite, younger people can be really innovative but older people are really set in their ways and don't like doing things differently.

 Yes. The older you get the harder it is to change
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Some old people are bullies and bet they were bullies all their life

 I am 30
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 That's nice for you petal
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