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Weekend Lunch Ideas

Answered 1 year ago

My bf is looking for weekend lunch ideas for when he has the kids, the kids are really good eaters except when they are with there mum she feeds them takeaway 3 meals a day.

When he has the kids they always eat a home cooked meal every night, he isn’t against takeaway just would like it to be a treat rather then the norm. No sandwiches preferabl options that can Ben turned Lowe carb for my bf

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1 year ago
Why doesnt he/you just make the regular low carb meals he eats then if they aren't fussy?
The rest of the post just seemed like a slight dig at the kind mother of the kids...


1 year ago
The post isn’t a dig at all my bf has said when he has the kids he wants them to eat proper food rather then takeaway he has said everything in moderation just not takeaway every day for every meal. We are genuinely looking for ideas we both fast so only eat dinner so we are just looking for ideas that arnt sandwich, sushi or junk food

1 year ago
Nachos, burgers, wraps

1 year ago
Bolognese, stir fry noodles, stroganoff, pulled pork, burgers, tacos,homemade pizzas, butter chicken,meat balls