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Anyone bought stuff from wish?

What is the quality like?


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I buy my girls gym leotards from there. They’ve been really good quality.

I brought a wedding dress. Looks good, will be wearing it. However I gave measurements so it was custom made. Only buy off those with excellent reviews

I bought a gorgeous ring for $2. I've since bought a second one in case something happens to the first.

I bought a 5xl maternity top, which fit my 8 year old 😂
Some things are better than others lol

I've bought lots of socks keyrings and little toys they've been good I've stayed away from clothing. Look for items with photo reviews

Yes, A LOT! Some items are like WOW great quality. Others, not so much. Read the comments first before you buy. Customers will sometimes upload their items. Check the description on what you are buying. As sometimes their wording is hard to understand. If you are unhappy, definitely contact them for a refund. You can other get Wish Cash, which is instantly refunded to use on their website again. Or your method of pay (CC, Debit, PayPal etc) which takes a little while longer. :)

I bought the best pair of utility pants! I was pleasantly surprised! Then a jacket that was shit! So hit & a miss sometimes.

Yes, cheap quality but exactly what you'd expect for the price.